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The PRCV multiview project

multiview is a large project which combines several components of a people tracking system. It consists of the following functionality:

  • Camera calibration for stereo and monocular cameras
  • Video I/O and decoding
  • Object detection
  • 3D Reconstruction
  • Pose Detection through OpenPose or HyperPose
  • Vector space tracking with several algorithm options
  • GUI for debugging 3D data
  • Command line interface
  • Custom geometry library

Over time we will split this library into components.

Building multiview

Download the install files here and run the unzip command. Then edit the USER_INSTALL_FILES variable in build/install-files/base-scripts/ to point to that directory.

Then run:

sudo base-scripts/
sudo build-scripts/

The project currently builds with:

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • CUDA 11.2
  • OpenCV 4.4

and has been tested on:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 (CUDA Capability 86)

See build/install-files/ for an extended explanation of the steps involved.

Running testcases

The following scenarios are available to test:

  • 001_B7-short -- Two people walking through envista.
  • 002_jewelry-gaze -- Track 1 person, but gaze is over the shoulder.
  • 003_jewelry-cluster -- People are tightly clustered together.
  • 004_lobby-clutter -- Lots of tracks in a small space. Frames [1000-1500).
  • 005_lobby-sitting -- More lobby, with someone sitting. Frames [0-1000).
  • 006_retail-tracks -- Three people, some moving fast. Frames [6500-6900).
  • 007_retail-sparse-tracks -- Two tracks across many cameras. Frames [0-500).
  • 008_showroom1-standing -- Tracks subject to reprojection error issues.
  • 009_showroom1-stitching -- A track that traces through three camera views. Frame [4400-4700).
  • 010_acquarium -- Crowds of people, steep angle, far away. Frames [1100-1900).
  • 011_showroom2-standing -- A bunch of people standing around. Frames [700-850).
  • 012_showroom2-walking -- A group of people walking through store. Frames [1200-1600).
  • 013_showroom2-occlude -- Three people in a tight space, with occlusion. Frames [1900-2100).
  • 014_showroom2-sitting -- A group walking to a table, and some sitting. Frames [5300-5650).

Testcases can be run via ./bin/ One test case has data available today which can be downloaded here. Like the build scripts we need to reorganize the data to make them all available.

Running multiview

To compile and then run the CLI, use ./multiview/multiview_cpp/

Selected options are below. Use -h to see more.

  blur_faces                   Blur faces on an input video
  classifier                   trains classifiers using either an rtree or svm.
  distortion_calib             Distortion calibration.
  phase_camera_extrinsic       Method for positioning cameras in 3D space.
  pipeline                     The multiview pipeline!
  position_scene_cameras       global camera position optimization.
  render_floor_map             Create a floor map from the 3D point cloud.
  sprite_main                  front-end for viewing 3D models using the `assimp` library.


For demo videos and other media see the PRCV website.


In VS Code, go to Settings > Watcher Exclude and add **/contrib/** and **/doc/** to enable file watching. These directories either never change or are automatically generated.


This project was developed over the course of several years by Aaron Michaux and is being maintained by PRCV Labs.


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