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A minimal port of GLM in C Language
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glmc - the minimal OpenGL C toolkit

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What glmc is

Glmc is an essential C language port of the famous GLM OpenGL Mathematics Library. It comes useful while developing small OpenGL projects in plain C language for didactic purpose.

What glmc is NOT

A giga-super-ultra-complete library that will do everything you need, the coffee too.

Available functions

  • glmc_model_matrix
  • glmc_look_at
  • glmc_perspective
  • glmc_identity
  • glmc_rotate
  • glmc_scale
  • glmc_translate
  • glmc_vec3
  • glmc_vec4
  • glmc_sub_vec3
  • glmc_sub_vec4
  • glmc_cross
  • glmc_normalize

If you would like to add more stuff, pull requests are welcome.


Compile the library with make, then link the static library libgmlc.a to your program.


Copyright (c) 2015 paribro qlitzler

The MIT License

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