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mypy mirror

Mirror of mypy for pre-commit.

For pre-commit: see For mypy: see

Using mypy with pre-commit:

Add this to your .pre-commit-config.yaml

-   repo:
    rev: ''  # Use the sha / tag you want to point at
    -   id: mypy

By default, mypy will run with mypy --ignore-missing-imports, pre-commit runs mypy from an isolated virtualenv so it won't have access to those. To change the arguments, override the args as follows:

    -   id: mypy
        args: [--strict, --ignore-missing-imports]

Because pre-commit runs mypy from an isolated virtualenv (without your dependencies) you may also find it useful to add the typed dependencies to additional_dependencies so mypy can better perform dynamic analysis:

    -   id: mypy
        additional_dependencies: [tokenize-rt==3.2.0]

Note that using the --install-types is problematic. Mutating the pre-commit environment at runtime breaks cache and will break parallel builds.