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Types #551

merged 4 commits into from Jul 3, 2017
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Replace our implementation of shebang parsing with identify's

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asottile committed Jul 2, 2017
commit f956f421be39078617cbb3858796f7562ae26f9e
@@ -1,48 +1,21 @@
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import io
import os.path
import shlex
import string
printable = frozenset(string.printable)
from identify.identify import parse_shebang_from_file
class ExecutableNotFoundError(OSError):
def to_output(self):
return (1, self.args[0].encode('UTF-8'), b'')
def parse_bytesio(bytesio):
"""Parse the shebang from a file opened for reading binary."""
if != b'#!':
return ()
first_line = bytesio.readline()
first_line = first_line.decode('US-ASCII')
except UnicodeDecodeError:
return ()
# Require only printable ascii
for c in first_line:
if c not in printable:
return ()
cmd = tuple(shlex.split(first_line))
if cmd[0] == '/usr/bin/env':
cmd = cmd[1:]
return cmd
def parse_filename(filename):
"""Parse the shebang given a filename."""
if not os.path.exists(filename) or not os.access(filename, os.X_OK):
if not os.path.exists(filename):
return ()
with, 'rb') as f:
return parse_bytesio(f)
return parse_shebang_from_file(filename)
def find_executable(exe, _environ=None):
@@ -15,36 +15,10 @@
from pre_commit.util import make_executable
('s', 'expected'),
(b'', ()),
(b'#!/usr/bin/python', ('/usr/bin/python',)),
(b'#!/usr/bin/env python', ('python',)),
(b'#! /usr/bin/python', ('/usr/bin/python',)),
(b'#!/usr/bin/foo python', ('/usr/bin/foo', 'python')),
(b'\xf9\x93\x01\x42\xcd', ()),
(b'#!\xf9\x93\x01\x42\xcd', ()),
(b'#!\x00\x00\x00\x00', ()),
def test_parse_bytesio(s, expected):
assert parse_shebang.parse_bytesio(io.BytesIO(s)) == expected
def test_file_doesnt_exist():
assert parse_shebang.parse_filename('herp derp derp') == ()
sys.platform == 'win32', reason='Windows says everything is X_OK',
def test_file_not_executable(tmpdir):
x = tmpdir.join('f')
x.write_text('#!/usr/bin/env python', encoding='UTF-8')
assert parse_shebang.parse_filename(x.strpath) == ()
def test_simple_case(tmpdir):
x = tmpdir.join('f')
x.write_text('#!/usr/bin/env python', encoding='UTF-8')
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