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My basic working environment, including dotfiles, vim plugins, and helper scripts
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bin update submodules when installing dot-files
complete fix git completion for $work
dzil upgrade Path::Tiny in skeleton for append() method
fonts add DejaVu Sans Mono, patched for Powerline
git-extras @ d437418 add git-extras
oh-my-zsh @ 5728a56 add more shell plugins and update oh-my-zsh
oh-my-zsh-custom/plugins add more shell plugins and update oh-my-zsh
powerline @ c1ae7f3 remove git-subrepo because i didn't like it
share add dotfiles install script
tmuxifier @ 4ccf61f switch to tmuxifier, since it doesn't require ruby
vim remove trackperlvars: throws errors with postderef
zsh fix git completion for $work
.gitignore ignore generated files, OSX crap, and vim swaps
.gitmodules add mojo vim helpers Add notes about PuTTY and 256-color mode
Xdefaults normalize backspace and delete behavior
gitconfig add ours/theirs aliases and patience by default
gitignore add module dirs and lint errors to gitignore
jshintrc always use jshint in es3 mode for old IE versions
perlcriticrc reduce severity of prohibit mixed boolean operators
perltidyrc improve perltidyrc. almost ready to bundle in projects
proverc use blib if it's available during prove
solarized.dark add solarized
solarized.light add solarized
tmux.conf set 256color to make powerline vim more pretty
vimrc some stuff I stole from @jberger
zshrc add vim commands to the shell



  • Powerline may not work in all vims.
  • Remember to add the patched font!




  • Remember to add the patched font!


Remember to set 256-color mode:

  • In Window > Colors tick "Allow terminal to use xterm 256-colour mode"
  • In Connection > Data change the terminal string to "xterm-256color"
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