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Preact Documentation Website

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Built with preact-cli

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Application Structure

This website is built as a prerendered static app, following the Application Shell pattern.


Content is fetched and rendered on the fly from Markdown documents located in content/, similar to how Jekyll works. Documents can contain optional YAML FrontMatter for specifying page metadata or layout information. Once fetched, content is parsed using marked and rendered to VDOM via preact-markup.

Custom Elements

Since preact is used to render the Markdown content, HTML contained in a document reference any of the Components listed in src/components/widget.js as Custom Elements, useful for dynamic content:

## Example Page

<!-- Jumbotron and Logo are actually Preact components! -->
    <h1><logo text>Preact</logo></h1>


Currently, the navigation menu and route handling is controlled by src/config.json. This is likely to change, but in the meantime it means any new pages must be linked from the "nav" section of the config.

Local Development

Clone & Install Dependencies

git clone
cd preact-www

npm install

Development Workflow

To start a live-reload development server:

PORT=8080 npm run dev

Any time you make changes within the src directory, it will rebuild and even refresh your browser.

Generate a production build in ./build:

npm run build