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Demos & Examples
Collection of demos and example Preact applications

Demos & Examples

This pages lists a bunch of demos and examples you can use to learn Preact.

💁 Built one of your own? Add it!

Full Apps

Preact Website (
Of course this website is built with Preact.
Github Project

Built with Preact & Material Design Lite.

GuriVR 👓 Natural language based Web VR story creator.
Github Project

BigWebQuiz 🎲
The audience participation Progressive Web App from Chrome Dev Summit 2016!
Github Project 🍑
Open-Source app.
Github Project

Web Maker ⚡️ Blazing fast & offline frontend playground. Github Project

BitMidi 🎹 Wayback machine for free MIDI files Github Project

BBC Roasting Calculator 🦃 Calculates cooking times for different cuts of meat.

Dropfox 🐺
Desktop app for Dropbox, built with Preact, Electron and Photon.

Embed Hacker News 😚 Embed Hacker News comment tree below your blog article.

Connectivity Index 📱
A site that allows you to search through Akamai State of the Internet Connectivity Report data by country.

Drag & Drop file upload (webpack 2) 🚀 Desktop App for uploading assets to Contentful (API based CMS) Github Project

Code and Comment 📝 An application for adding comments to any file on Github. Github Project

Exchange Widget 💱 The currency exchange widget inspired by a popular mobile app implemented using Preact, Meiosis, HTML tagged templates and native ES modules. Github Project

Full Demos & Examples

Documentation Viewer
View documentation.js output online.
Github Project

Unofficial fastest TodoMVC implementation.
Github Project

TodoMVC+PouchDB 💾
Offline Sync TodoMVC with PouchDB.
Github Project

Hacker News Minimal 📰
Tiny hacker news client.
Github Project

Preact Boilerplate ⚡️
2 command starter project. Preact + Webpack + LESS + CSS Modules.
Github Project

Preact Offline Starter 💯
Simplified Webpack2 starter for Progressive Web Apps, with offline support.
Github Project

Preact Redux Example 🔁
Preact + Redux example project, implementing a simple To-Do list.
Github Project

Preact Without Babel 🐴
How to use Preact entirely without Babel, ES2015 or JSX.

preact-minimal 🚀
Minimal Preact structure with all the necessary tools to start your project right away.

preact-typescript-webpack4-less Another one minimal set with Preact, Typescript and Webpack 4.

Preact Homepage Generator 🌐
Quickly spin up a new personal webpage by only needing to modify JSON data. Github Project

Parcel + Preact + Unistore Starter Starter pack for lightning-fast prototyping and small/medium size project structure



⚡️ JSFiddle Template

⚡️ CodePen Template

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