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Preact X - Virtuous DOM and the Fragments of Suspense

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@marvinhagemeister marvinhagemeister released this 01 Oct 18:24


tl;dr: Preact X is the next major version of Preact fully packed with features like Fragments, Hooks, componentDidCatch, Test-Utils, Debug-Warnings, many compatibility fixes and so much more 🎉

It's finally happening! After months of hard work we've crossed the finish line and are over the moon with excitement to finally mark Preact X as stable. We'd like to thank everybody who tested it and submitted bug reports.

We originally planned to release a sort-of migration release as version 9 with just the breaking changes from X, but that got canned because many users reported that the upgrade process was easy enough and didn't warrant a long migration period in-between. In fact we got many reports that the upgrade could be done in under an hour, despite some of the breaking changes in X, making the need for a migration release even less desirable.

What's new?

Preact X ships with several major features and we combined them all in a single document on our site. If you're upgrading an existing Preact 8.x project, we got you covered with a detailed upgrade guide.

To give a quick summary of the new features:

  • Fragments
  • componentDidCatch
  • preact/hooks addon
  • preact/test-utils addon
  • createContext API
  • compat moved to core
  • Plethora of compatibility fixes
  • Many new warnings in preact/debug
  • Same 3 kB size as Preact 8

Again, we highly recommend checking out our new site and specifically the what's new section.

Changes since RC 4

Bug Fixes