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@marvinhagemeister marvinhagemeister released this Jan 7, 2020 · 11 commits to master since this release

Happy belated New Years to everybody 🎉 We hope you enjoyed the holidays and had some time off to recharge 👍 Our very first release in 2020 brings two new features and the usual round of bug fixes 💯

New useErrorBoundary hook

There is a new hook called useErrorBoundary which allows you to catch errors that are thrown by any child components. It's essentially the hook version of componentDidCatch.

// 1. parameter is null or the error that was caught
// 2. paremeter can be called to reset the state
const [err, reset] = useErrorBoundary();

// Optional: You can pass a callback function that will
//  be executed when an error occurs:
const [err] = useErrorBoundary(() => callMeMaybe());

Usage example:

// Example component that will throw an error on render
const SomeComponent = () => {
	throw new Error("fail");

const App = props => {
	const [err] = useErrorBoundary();

	if (err) {
		return <p>Something went wrong...</p>;
	} else {
		return <SomeComponent />;

Lazy works with non-default export

This PR was one of the smallest ones, but something that makes working with different kind of lazy loaded modules a lot easier. Previously lazy would always use the default export of the imported module. With this change it's now possible to use it with any export.

// Look ma, no default export
const LazyFoo = lazy(() => import("./Foo").then(m => m.MyComponent));

On top of that we have the usual round of bug fixes. We'd like to thank everyone who reported them and helped us make Preact even better. Thank you so much!! 👍


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