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tl;dr: This release contains some very amazing improvements to hydration and to performance when memoized vnodes are used. We recommend everyone to upgrade 🎉

We understand that the past weeks have been very strange for everybody across the world. We've spent that last weeks mainly focusing on making sure our families and loved ones are safe and taken care of. Whether you're using Preact at work or in a sideproject we hope that this release brings you a little bit of joy and makes your day a little bit brighter 🌠

Strictly equal vnodes bail out of render

When an vnode is equal to the one from the last render we will successfully bail out of rendering. This is a performance optimization many state libraries frequently make use of. The most well known of those is probably react-redux. We've wanted to add this for the initial Preact X release but had to postpone due to not having found the proper solution back then. In the following months we've passed around various ideas on how to best solve this and it wasn't until last month when it finally clicked and the pieces fell together. @JoviDeCroock had a prototype up running in a few days and has spent a lot of time into making sure that this performance optimization works in all scenarios. We can't stress enough how much of an accomplishment this is. This is really amazing work by @JoviDeCroock and we're over the moon that it has finally landed in Preact 🎉

hydrate falls back to render for new subtrees

When doing SSR there are cases where the DOM tree and the vnodes don't match. This can lead to a lot of problems, but for now we handle situations a bit more gracefully when there is no existing DOM node present. If we encounter that, we just opt out of hydration for that tree and revert back to doing a full diff. In the future we plan to add more warnings to preact/debug for that.


Bug Fixes