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The tiny all-in-one development tool for modern web apps, in a single 2mb file with no dependencies.

All the features you'd expect and more, from development to production:

šŸ”Ø Ā  No entry points or pages to configure - just HTML files with <script type=module>
šŸ¦¦ Ā  Safely import "packages" from npm without installation
šŸ“¦ Ā  Smart bundling and caching for npm dependencies
ā†» Ā  Hot reloading for modules, Preact components and CSS
āš”ļø Ā  Lightning-fast JSX support that you can debug in the browser
šŸ’„ Ā  Import CSS files and CSS Modules (*.module.css)
šŸ”© Ā  Out-of-the-box support for TypeScript
šŸ“‚ Ā  Static file serving with hot reloading of CSS and images
šŸ—œ Ā  Highly optimized Rollup-based production output (wmr build)
šŸ“‘ Ā  Crawls and pre-renders your app's pages to static HTML at build time
šŸŽ Ā  Built-in HTTP2 in dev and prod (wmr serve --http2)
šŸ”§ Ā  Supports Rollup plugins, even in development where Rollup isn't used

Quickstart (recommended)

Create a new project in seconds using create-wmr:

npm init wmr your-project-name


yarn create wmr your-project-name

illustration of installation to build for wmr

šŸ’ If you'd like ESLint to be set up for you, add --eslint to the command. Note: this will use 150mb of disk space.

Check out the docs to learn more


Package Description Version
wmr Tiny all-in-one development tool for modern web apps wmr npm
create-wmr Create a new WMR project in seconds create-wmr npm
@wmrjs/directory-import Import a directory's files as an Array @wmrjs/directory-import npm
@wmrjs/nomodule Generate legacy fallback bundles for older browsers @wmrjs/nomodule npm
@wmrjs/service-worker Bundle service workers @wmrjs/service-worker npm
preact-iso Optimal code-splitting, hydration and routing for Preact preact-iso npm


git clone
cd wmr

# run the demo (no compile)
yarn demo serve

# build and serve the demo for prod
yarn demo build:prod && yarn demo serve:prod

# build the single-file CLI:
yarn workspace wmr build

Adding a changeset

Don't forget to also include a changeset, by running this command at the root of the project:

yarn changeset

This will take you through a process of selecting the changed packages, the version updates and a description of the change. Afterwards, changesets, will generate a .md file inside a .changeset directory. Please commit that file as well.

After all that, you are good to go. šŸ‘