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Prebid Server

Prebid Server is an open source implementation of Server-Side Header Bidding. It is managed by, and upholds the principles from the Prebid Code of Conduct.

This project does not support the same set of Bidders as Prebid.js, although there is overlap. The current set can be found in the adapters package. If you don't see the one you want, feel free to contribute it.

For more information, see:


First install Go 1.9.1 or later and dep. Note that dep requires an explicit GOPATH to be set.

export GOPATH=$(go env GOPATH)
mkdir -p $GOPATH

Then download and prepare Prebid Server:

git clone src/
cd src/
dep ensure

Run the automated tests:


Or just run the server locally:

go build .

Load the landing page in your browser at http://localhost:8000/. For the full API reference, see docs/endpoints


Want to add an adapter? Found a bug? Great! This project is in its infancy, and many things can be improved.

Report bugs, request features, and suggest improvements on Github.

Or better yet, open a pull request with the changes you'd like to see.