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# Setup logging first thing in case any of the modules log something as they start:
import logging
logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, format="%(asctime)s - %(name)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s")
import sys
sys.path.append(sys.path[0]+'/../..') # Set the path so we can find procgame. We are assuming (stupidly?) that the first member is our directory.
import procgame
import pinproc
from procgame import *
from threading import Thread
from random import *
import string
import time
import locale
import math
import copy
import yaml
locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, "") # Used to put commas in the score.
dmd_path = "../shared/dmd/"
sound_path = "../shared/sound/"
font_tiny7 = dmd.font_named("04B-03-7px.dmd")
font_jazz18 = dmd.font_named("Jazz18-18px.dmd")
class Attract(game.Mode):
"""docstring for AttractMode"""
def __init__(self, game):
super(Attract, self).__init__(game, 1)
self.press_start = dmd.TextLayer(128/2, 7, font_jazz18, "center", opaque=True).set_text("Press Start")
self.proc_banner = dmd.TextLayer(128/2, 7, font_jazz18, "center", opaque=True).set_text("pyprocgame")
self.game_title = dmd.TextLayer(128/2, 7, font_jazz18, "center", opaque=True).set_text("Starter")
self.splash = dmd.FrameLayer(opaque=True, frame=dmd.Animation().load(dmd_path+'Splash.dmd').frames[0])
self.layer = dmd.ScriptedLayer(128, 32, [{'seconds':2.0, 'layer':self.splash}, {'seconds':2.0, 'layer':self.proc_banner}, {'seconds':2.0, 'layer':self.game_title}, {'seconds':2.0, 'layer':self.press_start}, {'seconds':2.0, 'layer':None}])
def mode_topmost(self):
def mode_started(self):
# Blink the start button to notify player about starting a game., cycle_seconds=0, now=False)
# Turn on minimal GI lamps
# Some games don't have controllable GI's (ie Stern games)
def mode_stopped(self):
def mode_tick(self):
# Enter service mode when the enter button is pushed.
def sw_enter_active(self, sw):
for lamp in
return True
def sw_exit_active(self, sw):
return True
# Outside of the service mode, up/down control audio volume.
def sw_down_active(self, sw):
volume ="Volume Down : " + str(volume))
return True
def sw_up_active(self, sw):
volume ="Volume Up : " + str(volume))
return True
# Start button starts a game if the trough is full. Otherwise it
# initiates a ball search.
# This is probably a good place to add logic to detect completely lost balls.
# Perhaps if the trough isn't full after a few ball search attempts, it logs a ball
# as lost?
def sw_startButton_active(self, sw):
# Remove attract mode from mode queue - Necessary?
# Initialize game
# Add the first player
# Start the ball. This includes ejecting a ball from the trough.
else:"Ball Search!")
return True
class BaseGameMode(game.Mode):
"""docstring for AttractMode"""
def __init__(self, game):
super(BaseGameMode, self).__init__(game, 2)
self.tilt_layer = dmd.TextLayer(128/2, 7, font_jazz18, "center").set_text("TILT!")
self.layer = None # Presently used for tilt layer
self.ball_starting = True
def mode_started(self):
# Disable any previously active lamp
for lamp in
# Turn on the GIs
# Some games don't have controllable GI's (ie Stern games)
# Enable the flippers
# Put the ball into play and start tracking it.
#, self.ball_launch_callback)
# Enable ball search in case a ball gets stuck during gameplay.
# Reset tilt warnings and status
self.times_warned = 0;
self.tilt_status = 0
# In case a higher priority mode doesn't install it's own ball_drained
# handler. = self.ball_drained_callback
# Each time this mode is added to game Q, set this flag true.
self.ball_starting = True
def ball_launch_callback(self):
if self.ball_starting:
def mode_stopped(self):
# Ensure flippers are disabled
# Deactivate the ball search logic so it won't search due to no
# switches being hit.
def ball_drained_callback(self):
if == 0:
# End the ball
def finish_ball(self):
# Turn off tilt display (if it was on) now that the ball has drained.
if self.tilt_status and self.layer == self.tilt_layer:
self.layer = None
def end_ball(self):
# Tell the game object it can process the end of ball
# (to end player's turn or shoot again)
def sw_startButton_active(self, sw):
if == 1:
p = + " added!")
def sw_shooterR_open_for_1s(self,sw):
if self.ball_starting:
self.ball_starting = False
ball_save_time = 10, time=ball_save_time, now=True, allow_multiple_saves=False)
# Note: Game specific item
# Set the switch name to the launch button on your game.
# If manual plunger, remove the whole section.
def sw_fireR_active(self, sw):
# Allow service mode to be entered during a game.
def sw_enter_active(self, sw):
return True
def sw_tilt_active(self, sw):
if self.times_warned == 2:
self.times_warned += 1
#play sound
#add a display layer and add a delayed removal of it."Tilt Warning " + str(self.times_warned) + "!")
def tilt(self):
# Process tilt.
# First check to make sure tilt hasn't already been processed once.
# No need to do this stuff again if for some reason tilt already occurred.
if self.tilt_status == 0:
# Display the tilt graphic
self.layer = self.tilt_layer
# Disable flippers so the ball will drain.
# Make sure ball won't be saved when it drains.
# Make sure the ball search won't run while ball is draining.
# Ensure all lamps are off.
for lamp in
# Kick balls out of places it could be stuck.
self.tilt_status = 1
#play sound
#play video
class Game(game.BasicGame):
"""docstring for Game"""
def __init__(self, machine_type):
super(Game, self).__init__(machine_type)
self.sound = procgame.sound.SoundController(self)
self.lampctrl = procgame.lamps.LampController(self)
self.settings = {}
def save_settings(self):
def setup(self):
"""docstring for setup"""
#self.load_settings(settings_path, user_settings_path)
# Instantiate basic game features
self.attract_mode = Attract(self)
self.base_game_mode = BaseGameMode(self)
# Note - Game specific item:
# The last parameter should be the name of the game's ball save lamp
self.ball_save = procgame.modes.BallSave(self, self.lamps.drainShield, 'shooterR')
trough_switchnames = []
# Note - Game specific item:
# This range should include the number of trough switches for
# the specific game being run. In range(1,x), x = last number + 1.
for i in range(1,7):
trough_switchnames.append('trough' + str(i))
early_save_switchnames = ['outlaneR', 'outlaneL']
# Note - Game specific item:
# Here, trough6 is used for the 'eject_switchname'. This must
# be the switch of the next ball to be ejected. Some games
# number the trough switches in the opposite order; so trough1
# might be the proper switchname to user here.
self.trough = procgame.modes.Trough(self,trough_switchnames,'trough6','trough', early_save_switchnames, 'shooterR', self.drain_callback)
# Link ball_save to trough
self.trough.ball_save_callback = self.ball_save.launch_callback
self.trough.num_balls_to_save = self.ball_save.get_num_balls_to_save
self.ball_save.trough_enable_ball_save = self.trough.enable_ball_save
# Setup and instantiate service mode
self.sound.register_sound('service_enter', sound_path+"menu_in.wav")
self.sound.register_sound('service_exit', sound_path+"menu_out.wav")
self.sound.register_sound('service_next', sound_path+"next_item.wav")
self.sound.register_sound('service_previous', sound_path+"previous_item.wav")
self.sound.register_sound('service_switch_edge', sound_path+"switch_edge.wav")
self.sound.register_sound('service_save', sound_path+"save.wav")
self.sound.register_sound('service_cancel', sound_path+"cancel.wav")
self.service_mode = procgame.service.ServiceMode(self,100,font_tiny7,[])
# Setup fonts
self.fonts = {}
self.fonts['tiny7'] = font_tiny7
self.fonts['jazz18'] = font_jazz18
# Instead of resetting everything here as well as when a user
# initiated reset occurs, do everything in self.reset() and call it
# now and during a user initiated reset.
def reset(self):
# Reset the entire game framework
super(Game, self).reset()
# Add the basic modes to the mode queue
# Make sure flippers are off, especially for user initiated resets.
# Empty callback just incase a ball drains into the trough before another
# drain_callback can be installed by a gameplay mode.
def drain_callback(self):
def ball_starting(self):
super(Game, self).ball_starting()
def ball_ended(self):
super(Game, self).ball_ended()
def game_ended(self):
super(Game, self).game_ended()
self.set_status("Game Over")
def set_status(self, text):
self.dmd.set_message(text, 3)
def extra_ball(self):
p = self.current_player()
p.extra_balls += 1
def setup_ball_search(self):
# No special handlers in starter game.
special_handler_modes = []
self.ball_search = procgame.modes.BallSearch(self, priority=100, \
countdown_time=10, coils=self.ballsearch_coils, \
reset_switches=self.ballsearch_resetSwitches, \
stop_switches=self.ballsearch_stopSwitches, \
def main():
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
print("Usage: %s <yaml>"%(sys.argv[0]))
yamlpath = sys.argv[1]
if yamlpath.find('.yaml', 0) == -1:
print("Usage: %s <yaml>"%(sys.argv[0]))
config = yaml.load(open(yamlpath, 'r'))
machine_type = config['PRGame']['machineType']
config = 0
game = None
game = Game(machine_type)
game.yamlpath = yamlpath
del game
if __name__ == '__main__': main()