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preCICE -- A Coupling Library for Partitioned Multi-Physics Simulations on Massively Parallel Systems
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preCICE stands for Precise Code Interaction Coupling Environment. Its main component is a library that can be used by simulation programs to be coupled together in a partitioned way, enabling multi-physics simulations, such as fluid-structure interaction.

If you are new to preCICE, please have a look at our wiki (documentation) and at

preCICE overview

preCICE is an academic project, developed at the Technical University of Munich and at the University of Stuttgart. If you use preCICE, please cite us:

H.-J. Bungartz, F. Lindner, B. Gatzhammer, M. Mehl, K. Scheufele, A. Shukaev, and B. Uekermann: preCICE - A Fully Parallel Library for Multi-Physics Surface Coupling. Computers and Fluids, 141, 250–258, 2016.

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