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Fix failing size() calls & exclude dataURIs from xlink:href detection #2

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Hi Michael,

I encountered two problems with SVG-Cleaner, both somehow related to each other:

  1. When a cheerio find() call fails for some reason (see 2.), it returns an empty array [], which doesn't have a size() method and thus results in an error (the process exits). As the size() method does nothing else than returning the length property (which is a native Array property as well as you know), I simply changed it to this. Not really nice, I know, but effective. I'd leave it up to you how you'd like to fix this issue though ...

  2. I happened to encounter an SVG file containing a data URI as the value of an xlink:href attribute (don't really know if this valid at all, but this is what the SVG was like). Your findReferencedElements() method would accept this as a valid ID reference (which it isn't of course), leading to an error (being the reason for 1.). This pull request includes a patch that prevents those data URIs from being registered as ID references.

Btw. do you intend to work on SVG-Cleaner any longer? Port the missing parts of Scour? Scour itself might be improved in the future, as there's a new maintainer (@oberstet) now ...


@rockitbaby rockitbaby merged commit 8a11910 into preciousforever:master
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  1. +3 −3 lib/svg-cleaner.js
6 lib/svg-cleaner.js
@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@ function findReferencedElements() {
// if xlink:href is set, then grab the id
var href = $node.attr('xlink:href');
- if(href) {
+ if(href && (href.indexOf('data:') !== 0)) {
addReferencingElement(ids, href, REFERENCE_TYPE.XLINK, node);
@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@ function shortenIDs(startNumber) {
// > (Cyn: I've seen documents with #id references but no element with that ID!)
var idList = _(_(referencedIDs).keys()).filter(function(id) {
- return ($identifiedElements.find('#' + id).size() > 0);
+ return ($identifiedElements.find('#' + id).length > 0);
idList = _(idList).sortBy(function(id) {
return referencedIDs[id].length;
@@ -283,7 +283,7 @@ function shortenIDs(startNumber) {
// scour:
// > Then, skip ahead if the new ID is already in identifiedElement
- while($identifiedElements.find('#' + shortendID).size() > 0) {
+ while($identifiedElements.find('#' + shortendID).length > 0) {
shortendID = intToID(startNumber++);
// scour:
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