A plugin for Sketch and Adobe XD to populate your design mockups with meaningful data. Goodbye Lorem Ipsum. Hello JSON.
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Data Populator

Data Populator

The documentation of the plugin has moved to datapopulator.com.

Get in touch

Join the conversation on the Data Populator Slack. Follow @datapopulator on Twitter for updates.

Please report bugs, observations, ideas & feature requests as issues or get in touch.


If you have an idea or the need for a new feature for Data Populator, or run into a limitation you'd like to overcome – feel free to implement it and send us a Pull Request. We think the code architecture is understandable and modular enough to extend easily.

If you're a Designer and don't know how to code, kindly ask a Developer colleague or friend of yours – they'll kindly help you, as this is an investment in improving Designer's Data Literacy and Designer-Developer-Collaboration.

If you like, you can also contribute to the future development of Data Populator by buying us coffee. Any kind of contribution is highly appreciated!


Data Populator for Sketch

Build the UI

  1. cd source/sketch/ui
  2. npm i
  3. npm start (dev) or npm run build (production)

Build the Plugin

  1. cd source/sketch
  2. npm i
  3. gulp watch (dev) or gulp build (production)

Data Populator for Adobe XD

  1. cd source/xd
  2. npm install
  3. gulp watch (dev) or gulp build (production)

Data Populator is based on Sketch Fusion by Andrey Shakhmin, @turbobabr, as presented at #SketcHHackday 2016.