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Facebook scraper

A tool for retrieving posts, comments, likes, reactions and active users' information from public Facebook pages, groups, events, etc. The output is a SQLite database with four tables for posts, comments, likes and people.


Linux/OS X

The scraper should work both with Python 2 and 3.

Install following Python libraries:

pip install facebook-sdk
pip install simplejson

Download FBscraper repository and unzip it on your computer.


The scraper should work both with Python 2 and 3. If you don't have Python install Anaconda. Then edit your environment variables like here.

Open command prompt window and install the following Python libraries:

pip install facebook-sdk
conda install simplejson

Download FBscraper repository and unzip it on your computer.


To run the scraper you should provide three things to the script on the command line:

  1. Your own Facebook access token

    To get a token visit: It may expire after a while, renew it then.

  2. The path to the SQlite database in which you want to store the data

    The scraper can also create a database or store data in an existing one, both by giving the proper path and the name. (.sqlite extension is required).

  3. The Facebook ID of the page you want to get the data from

    • In case of Facebook events, groups and communities the ID can be found easily, usually, it is the last group of numbers at the end of the URL: or

    • You can find the ID in the page source too. Press ctrl+u then use the find tool of your browser (usually ctrl+f) and search for the type of the page, something like content="fb://page/XXXXXXXXXXX" or content="fb://profile/XXXXXXXXXXX".

    • Or just use one from the many online ID founder like this.

Note that the scraper does not process personal pages, you can only scrape public information from public pages. If you use the scraper, please read more on Facebook's data policy and act according to it. Also, please follow the basic data protection guidelines! Read this or this.


Change directory to FBscraper folder in command line:

cd your\path\to\FBscraper

Linux/OS X

Change directory to FBscraper directory:

cd your/path/to/FBscraper

Windows/Linux/OS X

After changing directory you can run There are two ways:

  1. Run with dashes:

    -a or --access_token: to give Facebook access token

    -d or --db_path: to give the path of the SQLite database

    -i or --id_list: to give the Facebook IDs

    python -a l0ngL0nGtOkEn -d ..\data\fbpagename.sqlite -i 123456789101112
  2. Run in interactive mode:

    Mind the single quotes and the square brackets.

    Please type your own Facebook access token: 'l0ngL0nGtOkEn'
    Please type the path of the SQLite database in which you want to store the data: '..\data\fbpagename.sqlite'
    Please type the ID's of the Facebook pages you want to scrape: ['123456789101112']


After processing you can find the data in the given SQLite database file. The database contains tables 'Posts', 'Comments', 'Post_likes' and 'People' with the scraped data. To view the database use a SQL browser e.g. DB Browser for SQLite.

The database scheme looks following:

Note that published_date and last_comment_date are in GMT.

Release notes


The scraper is free by any means and comes with absolutely no warranty.

Data protection

Be kind when you are scraping Facebook data! Follow Facebook’s rules, and also think about research ethics twice before you publish your results!

You can cite us

You make us happy if you refer to this github repo when you use it for any purposes and publish your results.


You can reach us at keresovilag(at)


Kitti Balogh (@kttblgh)

Nora Fulop

Zoltan Varju (@zoltanvarju)

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