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Oroshi maps the world’s facts and opinions on digital currencies through a curated community of contributors and data partners. Blockchain projects committed to transparency and self-regulation can share key information and have it validated by the community through an open-source platform.

What problem does Oroshi solve?
Digital currency markets are complex and opaque to navigate. The industry is rife with fake news and market manipulation. In the absence of regulatory bodies, the industry has yet to agree on standard disclosure requirements and auditing systems. Questionable information and opinions are therefore scattered across a large number of disparate sources with inconsistent formats. In other circumstances, information that would be common place to have in traditional assets is completely missing. This misinformation or lack thereof, results in a sub-optimal allocation of financial and human capital.

The solution: Oroshi
The Oroshi solution creates economic incentives for cryptoasset stakeholders to embrace transparency, self-regulate and share information. Oroshi uses a curated community of researchers, thought leaders and validators to complete due diligence and analysis of cryptoassets, enabling greater transparency. The native token, WIND, is required to be listed in the registry and is also used to economically reward community members for their research, analysis and validation activities as well as data steam providers.

The Oroshi organisation
At the core of our philosophy is disintermediating the creation and maintenance of information on digital currencies to present a global, unbiased opinion and pulse. The Oroshi organisation is itself decentralised and was created on Aragon. All major decisions are put to vote on Aragon and only token holders are able to participate. This decentralised governance model helps align incentives amongst token holders and ensures the project is run in a manner that best serves all token holders.

The Oroshi Experts
Oroshi makes it possible for everyone in the world to organize the world's information on digital currencies in a structured, trusted and economically incentivised manner. Experts that apply start off at the same level, building up trust and experience over time. Validation and research activities are then allocated to members according to their skill, experience and Oroshi level. The allocation algorithm is itself open source, ensuring transparency and consensus.

Our principal focus for Oroshi experts include:

  • Thought leaders with an interest in writing opinion pieces on digital currencies and blockchain
  • Principals and partners at venture funds that have significant experience undertaking general due diligence
  • Lawyers across every jurisdiction with an interest in blockchain law
  • Financial auditors that want to apply the same financial scrutiny to large blockchain projects as listed companies
  • Software security auditors with a knack for unearthing code vulnerabilities and implementing security fixes
  • Blockchain metric analysts that can understand how mining data and token supply data impact pricing and network performance
  • Financial traders with strong digital currency trading performance track records
  • Liquidity providers for digital currencies with a solid understanding of evaluating the liquidity dynamics

If the above sounds like you, please email

Benefits to Self-Regulating Companies

  • Earn Trust - Earn the trust of your community by being transparent and open with them
  • Get Feedback - Improve your product by collecting valuable feedback and opinions of others
  • Communicate efficiently - Reduce time and friction when releasing product updates
  • Shape Development - As an early user, influence the platform features and design
  • Acquire Users - Increase your user base through smart product placements

Benefits to Others

  • Earn WIND tokens - Get paid in WIND tokens for completing one-off or ongoing research and validation tasks.
  • Become a thought leader - Prove yourself to the go-to expert for a specific digital currency
  • Good Samaritan - Improve blockchain transparency, reduce scams and expose the best projects.
  • WIN licences - EARN recurring WIND tokens by winning a contract to become the preferred supplier of a specific dataset.

What does Oroshi mean?
Oroshi is the Japanese term for "wind blowing strong" and is often associated with the wind that blows on the Kanto Plain of central Honshu. In the same way that wind has a direction and strength, so do opinions on digital currencies. Oroshi is also a play on the word "Satoshi" after Satoshi Nakamoto, the infamous person or group that developed bitcoin and the first blockchain database.

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