Scientific DataSet library to work with NetCDF-like data sets from .NET.
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NuGet Scientific DataSet Lite

This is a cross platform library for manipulating netCDF, CSV and TSV files. This is a subset of Scientific DataSet and

External Libraries

SDSLite requires a platform dependent library available from


For Windows go to and download the version of netCDF4 (without DAP) corresponding to your machine, either 32 or 64 bit. These are currently: or When you install this library select the option to add its location to your system PATH, so that SDSLite can find it.


For Linux install pre-built netCDF-C libraries. For example on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install libnetcdf-dev


Use homebrew to install netcdf:

brew install netcdf



Use Visual Studio to build the source files, the Community Edition of Visual Studio should be sufficient The model requires additional packages that are included in the packages directory, it is not necessary to use NuGet.

  • DynamicInterop.0.7.4 - to bind from C# to the netCDF library;
  • NUnit.2.6.4 - for running the unit tests.


For Linux, MonoDevelop is able to build the solution and it can run under Mono See the installation instructions at


For MacOS, Mono is also available - but unfortunately only in 32bit mode as a package. See here:


You can find license details in Licence.txt file provided with this project or online at