A Cross-Platform System for Mobile Sensing
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.github Update ISSUE_TEMPLATE Dec 12, 2016
.nuget more simple nuget dependencies and renaming of dependencies folder Aug 16, 2016
Contrib Added manual. Apr 18, 2016
DocFX Updated docs. Sep 25, 2018
Graphics Images. Jul 26, 2017
Scripts Updated scripts...don't need folder. Sep 24, 2018
Sensus.Android.Shared Removed unhelpful interfaces. Aug 20, 2018
Sensus.Android.Tests.AppCenter Fix unit tests. Sep 1, 2018
Sensus.Android.Tests Allow editing the protocol/study identifier. Sep 24, 2018
Sensus.Android Don't require notification on iOS. Sep 25, 2018
Sensus.Shared.Tests Lock the count tracker. Sep 24, 2018
Sensus.Shared Don't require notification on iOS. Sep 25, 2018
Sensus.Tests.AppCenter.Shared Test commit for identity. Sep 10, 2018
Sensus.iOS.Shared Added logging and documentation. Sep 24, 2018
Sensus.iOS.Tests.AppCenter iOS unit tests working via UI test. Aug 31, 2018
Sensus.iOS.Tests Allow editing the protocol/study identifier. Sep 24, 2018
Sensus.iOS Don't require notification on iOS. Sep 25, 2018
SensusR Updated example data in SensusR package. Fixed Android WLAN probe. Cl… Aug 10, 2018
dependencies Removed MapExtend plugin. Too problematic. Sep 2, 2018
docs Updated docs. Sep 25, 2018
.gitignore removing resource files from GIT to reduce likelihood of merge confli… Sep 24, 2016
LICENSE.txt Initial commit. Nov 6, 2014
NOTICE.txt Initial commit. Nov 6, 2014
README.md Update README.md Jun 27, 2018
Sensus.sln Created redeployment documentation. Sep 17, 2018