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Code to update population-weighted NOAA climate data stored in the BSVE PostgreSQL system and for use with DICE. The source code for building a Docker container is included. See README for more information.
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NOAA data processing scripts and Docker container

The primary function of this code is to update population-weighted NOAA climate data stored in the BSVE PostgreSQL system and for use with DICE.  For portability and future installation into the BSVE framework, the code is setup as part of a Docker container.  All climate streams are calculated over the entire range of raw data (1979-present) in order to provide historic reference.  For a more detailed explanation of the process from raw NOAA grid data to population-weighted time-series, see the DICE manual. 

Functional Overview
These functions require access to the NOAA ftp site  The code first checks for updated files at the ftp site.  It then compiles a list of locations from the *_lut tables in PostgreSQL(MySQL) and updates the daily climate time-series for each location.  These time-series are stored in the table noaa_daily.  The final step is to create climate time series at a cadence that matches the incidence data.  All of these steps are accomplished by running UpdateNOAA.R located in the source/ subdirectory.

Example docker container build:
> cd /.../docker-NOAA_proc
> docker build -t NOAA_proc:test .

Manual execution
# start Docker container and open bash shell in container
> docker run -it NOAA_proc:test bash
# change directories within container
root@...:/home/shiny# cd /home/source
# Execute NOAA update code
root@...:/home/source# Rscript UpdateNOAA.R
# exit container
root@...:/home/source# exit

>                Native OS command line prompt
root@...:...#    Docker container bash prompt
#                Comment lines

NOAA files at the ftp site are generally updated once a month near the beginning of the month.  However the day of the month will vary substantially at times.  Thus this process should be scheduled to run once a week.  Most weeks it will check for updated data and finding none, it will do nothing.

Connection Setup
MySQL connections: In source/NOAA_funs.R, the function OpenCon() needs connection info for the MySQL database.  I have set a connection to 'cbip' as the default, but it needs to have user, password, port, and host values filled in.
MongoDB connections: Each function in source/MongoFuns.R requires connection info.  The host, user, pw, and port fields should be updated.  I assume that database, collection, and filenames will remain the same.

Initial File Setup
The data files in sub-directory initialize/ need to be written to MongoDB and tracked in a MySQL table called 'noaa_mongo_files'.  I was planning to do this from my desktop using NOAA_dat_init_mongo.R, but it may or may not be useful in your environment.  A summary of the files and where they should be written in mongo:
               filename   		db name 	collection
  Pop_map_NOAA2GADM.Rds	    dice_forecast_rdata      dice_data_aux     dice_forecast_rdata      NOAA_dat_temp     dice_forecast_rdata        NOAA_dat_sh     dice_forecast_rdata    NOAA_dat_precip

Each file also gets a row in the MySQL table noaa_mongo_files defined as:
	CREATE TABLE noaa_mongo_files (
                                id SERIAL PRIMARY KEY,
                                filename VARCHAR(50),
                                collection VARCHAR(50),
                                file_id VARCHAR(50),
                                last_update DATE
The column 'file_id' is the Mongo file id; 'last_update' is the last date that this file was updated.

Progress Updates
1/17/2019  Due to BSVE MongoDB outage, this code has not been completely tested in the container environment.  The source R-code has been completely tested in a desktop (Mac OSX) environment.

6/12/2019 Code was updated to work with DCS AWS setup.

6/24/2019 The file Copy_MySQL_2_CBIPMySQL.R was added to update incidence database from the Predictive Science incidence database.  This file will run in the same container and requires NOAAFuns.R from this repo.  The script is run with 'Rscript Copy_MySQL_2CBIPMySQL.R' and should be scheduled weekly.  Like the climate data code, this may require some setup of credentials in the OpenCon() function of NOAAFuns.R.
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