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Android™ Samples

Basic Requirements

  • Java 1.8
  • Android 9.0 (api 28) SDK platform

Note: The Android-specific requirements can be changed by editing the build.gradle file of the particular sample.

Environment Setup

Before running these samples, they need to know where both the Android SDK and DashO are located.

Note: If you import a sample into Android Studio, you should make sure Instant Run is disabled so the sample will work correctly.

Android SDK

Set sdk.dir in to the location of the Android SDK. It can also be set via an environment variable.

Note: You will need to create the file. It should exist in the same directory as the file.


Set DASHO_HOME in to the location of DashO. It can also be passed via the command line: -PDASHO_HOME={DashO's Installation Directory}, or set via an environment variable named ORG_GRADLE_PROJECT_DASHO_HOME.


Running the Samples

The included samples have the same basic functionality.


The main screen allows selection of the Random Generator or the Fibonacci Calculator. The Random Generator generates and displays a random number in a configured range. TheFibonacci Calculator calculates and displays a number in the Fibonacci sequence. The samples for Checks and Responses attach additional behavior to the Generate and Calculate actions. When the Check is triggered, those areas of the application will not work properly.

Copyright 2018 PreEmptive Solutions, LLC.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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