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PreEmptive Protection - Dotfuscator Community Samples

This repo contains samples that demonstrate configuring PreEmptive Protection - Dotfuscator Community for various types of .NET applications. For instructions on installing Dotfuscator Community, see Install Dotfuscator Community.

The samples in this repo are each organized into their own directory. For sample-specific instructions, refer to the the README in each sample's directory.

Samples in this repo

The following samples are available in this repo:

This repo has tags that correspond to the Visual Studio version and the earliest Dotfuscator Community version the samples are compatible with.

Samples in other repos


Samples for integrating and configuring Dotfuscator protection for Xamarin apps can be found in the following repos:

  • protected-bugsweeper demonstrates integrating Dotfuscator into the build process for a Xamarin app and then enhancing the protection with Tamper Check and configured responses.

  • protected-TodoAzureAuth accompanies Detect and Respond to Rooted Android Devices from Xamarin Apps. This sample demonstrates protecting a Xamarin app with Root Checks and the different methods for responding to a rooted Android device.

    • Note: This sample's repository has been archived. While the sample still demonstrates how to use Dotfuscator Community to detect a rooted Android device, the ability to save and restore to-do list items is no longer supported.


Samples for protecting applications with Checks can be found in the following repos:

Dotfuscator Professional

If you are using Dotfuscator Professional, see the Dotfuscator Pro Samples repo.