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PreEmptive Protection Dotfuscator Professional Samples

This repo contains samples that demonstrate configuring PreEmptive Protection Dotfuscator Professional for various types of .NET applications. The samples in this repo are each organized into their own directory. For sample-specific instructions, refer to the the README in each sample's directory.

Samples in this repo

The following samples are available in this repo:

  • GettingStarted accompanies the Protect Your App page in the Dotfuscator User Guide and is useful if you are looking to quickly protect your Visual Studio project with Dotfuscator.
  • ASP.NET Core demonstrates using Dotfuscator on ASP.NET Core applications.
  • Reflection uses renaming rules to fix issues that occur when using Dotfuscator with applications that make use of dynamic class loading and method invocation.
  • Serialization demonstrates using Dotfuscator in an application that makes use of serialized objects that must be exchanged with non-obfuscated code.

This repo has tags that correspond to the earliest Dotfuscator Professional version number the samples are compatible with.

Samples in other repos


Samples for integrating and configuring Dotfuscator protection for Xamarin apps can be found in the following repos:


Samples for protecting applications with Checks can be found in the following repos: