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Preesm CLI Wrappers

This repository holds files to call Preesm from the command line. The main script is and consists in calling the Eclipse distribution with proper application, workspace, arguments, etc. The batch file wraps the call to bash script using a local Cygwin installation (automatically installed).


Both the batch and bash scripts expect the same arguments, in the following order :

  1. PREESMDIR : The absolute path to the Preesm distribution to use;
  2. APPDIR : The absolute path to the Preesm project;
  3. WORKFLOW : The filename of the workflow to execute;
  4. SCENARIO : The filename of the scenario to use when executing the workflow;

In order for Preesm to find the workflow and scenario files, they must be located respectively in the folder <project folder>/Workflows and <project folder>/Scenarios (case matters). The bash script checks their existence at start.

Sample calls and preesm-test.bat present basic use of the Preesm CLI Wrappers.


call .\commandLinePreesm.bat "E:\preesm_CLI\preesm-2.13.0" "E:\preesm_CLI\preesm-tuto" "Codegen.workflow" "03-parasobel_4core.scenario"


./ "/tmp/preesm_CLI/preesm-2.13.0" "/tmp/preesm_CLI/preesm-tuto/" "Codegen.workflow" "03-parasobel_4core.scenario"