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As the number of Premake contributors has grown, this list has become more
difficult to manage in a meaningful way. I'm leaving it here as part of the
historical records. If you find yourself in need of a list of contributors,
consider running:
git shortlog -sn
This file contains a list of people who've made non-trivial contributions
to Premake 5. People who commit code to the project are encouraged to
add their names here. And many thanks to those who contributed fixes and
improvements to earlier versions of Premake (feel free to add your name
in here too)!
Original design and implementation:
Jason Perkins <>
Main Contributors
Blizzard Entertainment (contact
Manu Evans <>
Sam Surtees <>
Builds and Infrastructure:
Mihai Sebea <>
* Nightly binary packages
* Nightly Jenkins builds and error reports
Patch contributors:
Bastien Brunnenstein <>
* support wildcards in path tokens
Damien Courtois <>
* module loading fixes
* bug fixes
David Ely <>
* symbols() API and flag deprecation
Gabi Davar <>
* added to token environment
João Matos (
* HTTP download support
* C# / C++/CLI language support improvements and bugfixes
* Visual Studio and Make improvements and bugfixes
* response files support for Make backend
* numerous bug fixes and smaller features
leeonix <>
* bug fixes
Lusito <>
* path.join() fixes
Mark Chandler <>
* prevent self-linking
Matthew Endsley <>
* File matching improvements
Mark Sararu <>
* Makefile bug fixes
Mihai Sebea <>
* Xcode exporter fixes and improvements
M Skibbe
* path.replaceextension()
Renaud Guillard <>
* add library search paths argument to os.findlib()
* return command exit code from os.outputof()
* bug fixes and smaller improvements
rhuvendiek <>
* Visual C 2010 IDL file support
Sami Kankaristo <>
* Utility project support for Makefiles
tbasnoopy <>
* customtoolnamespace()
* debuggertype()
Tim Wharton <>
* boostrapping scripts
* callingconvention()
* makefile environment overrides
* module loading improvements
* os.outputof() improvements