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This repository

JavaScript widget toolkit, for the creation and distribution of third-party web widgets.

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Sqwidget is a framework for adding components to a page in a way that ensures they are self contained and namespaced. It is great for buliding third party widgets.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started with using Sqwidget in your project is to use the Yeoman generator that bulids out a project layout for you.

First, install Yeoman using:

$ npm install -g yo

Next, install the sqwidget-generator:

$ npm install -g generator-sqwidget

Finally, initiate your project in a new directory where you want to create your widget:

$ yo sqwidget

This will create your project for you and install all the dependencies. See your widget in action by doing:

$ grunt


  • Document features
  • Document generator and defaults like Ractive, RequireJS, Cleanslate.


Building sqwidget

npm install grunt-cli -g
npm install bower -g
bower install
npm install
grunt test

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