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#All Purpose Slider

A plugin designed to help you display a slider on any page or post of your WordPress site via a shortcode. To work it has a requirement for jQuery and JQuery UI. It also requires 'Slick' a jQuery carousel/slider script. I have forked the slick repository.

The shortcode for the plugin is contained in the front-slider.php file. To include URLS in the output you will need to modify the source code. There is also a requirement for including a small piece of JavaScript in your footer.php or header.php file.

The plugin is accessible in WP via the settings tab. You can add images, slide titles, alt tags and URLS. There is also a handy drag and drop interface that grants you the ability to order and reorder your slides.

##Code for footer file (usually footer.php)

<script type='text/javascript'>
 (function($) {
    $(document).ready(function() {
            dots : 1,
            infinite : !0,
            speed : 1,
            easing : "easeInCirc",
            autoplay : 1,
            arrows : 1,
            adaptiveHeight : 1,
            slidesToShow : 3,
            slidesToScroll : 1,
            responsive : [{
                breakpoint : 600,
                settings : {
                    slidesToShow : 2,
                    slidesToScroll : 1
            }, {
                breakpoint : 400,
                settings : {
                    slidesToShow : 1,
                    slidesToScroll : 1


This configuration of the slider is designed to show 3 slides each 200px wide. The formatting of the JavaScript allows the slider to behave responsively. There are more details on how to configure slick on the slick website


Dynamically create and order your slides



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