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#Advert Slider Shortcode.

This shortcode was developed to create an ad unit displaying adverts for online casino's. The media from the different casinos media hub was 250px x 250px. The idea came from this slider on the Image Slider Maker website

I found a few bugs in the source and corrected the code where necessary

If you are using WP you can use the code in the slider.php file as it is. All you would need to is use the wp_enqueue_scripts action to integrate the JS and CSS file.

##Code to add to functions.php if using WordPress (Assumes you have added the css and js to your themes root directory)

function add_slider_scripts(){
'slider-js',get_template_directory_uri() . '/slider.js');
get_template_directory_uri() . '/slider.css');


GPL v.3


The slider works equally well outside of WordPress all you would need to do is remove the WP source that allows WP to process the PHP aspect as a shortcode