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A config.xml file for use with Phonegap. Allows for successful submission of app to Itunes Connect and the Google Play Store

I recently and successfully published an app to both Google Play Store and the App Store. You can read more about that in this article Publishing an App – Phone Gap : Part 1. Anyway part of this process was the development of a config.xml to allow for the app to be bundled by Phonegap Build.

Sticking Points

I encountered a few sticking points that I feel can be easily avoided. This config-sample.xml file is as far as its submission date goes (September 2018) and dependent on what plugins you choose, accepeted by the two major app distributors.

Sticking points were

  • Targeted Android SDK Version Declaration
  • Notification Settings
  • Geolocation Plugin Version that works with iOS NS ( Has to be 2.4.3 apparently)
  • Compatible Version of the Barcode Scanner

Final Thoughts

I found that without the Barcode Scanner version being set to 6.0.0 that it was not compatible with other parts of Phonegaps Android Build.

Without correct Notification Settings App Store Connect will not complete the upload of the app from Xcode's Application Manager. However even after the correct notification settings were added the geolocation usage setting was not picked up on until final review by Apple. At which point I had to update the config xml with new notification settings as well as version 2.4.3 of the Geolocation plugin.


A config.xml file for use with Phonegap. Allows for successful submission of app to App Store Connect and the Google Play Store




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