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Display Data in an Accordian
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#Services Manager Plugin for WordPress

This plugin was developed to display company services in an accordian. It uses a small amount of Vanilla JavaScipt, the rest of the functionality is provided by CSS. After install and activation you can access the plugin via the settings tab. You have complete editorial control. Images, service titles. descriptions and urls can all be added and ordered how you want. You will probably need to tweek the front end to display URLS and images.

A shortcode is used to display the accordian in posts and pages. All that is required is that you add a small piece of CSS to your themes header. If your theme has a custom CSS box then insert the code there.

##Required CSS Code

<style type='text/css'>
.arrow{background-image:url({--your--url--}/wp-content/plugins/services-manager/open.png);background-position:right center;background-repeat:no-repeat;}
.up{background-image:url({--your--url--}/wp-content/plugins/services-manager/close.png);background-position: right center;background-repeat:no-repeat;}


I would advise to only use this version of plugin in a development environment on your localhost. It still needs on one end to have the content sanitized and on the other escaped. More in this article in my personal blog: Plugin Guidelines

If you want to see an example of the plugin at work visit my website Premier Web Design

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