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⚡️ Full-featured visual editor and code generator for React using Chakra UI


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Openchakra: Visual editor for Chakra UI.

Visual Editor for Chakra UI

OpenChakra is a visual editor for the best component library in town: Chakra UI 🤗. Quickly draft components with the simple drag and drop UI.



  • 🎨 Drag and drop Chakra UI components
  • 💅 Preset components
  • 👀 Live props editing and styling
  • ⚛️ Production-ready code
  • 🎈 CodeSandbox export
  • 🔮 Undo/redo edit
  • 💽 Localstorage sync


Getting started

Builder mode

The Builder mode adds extra padding/border to ease components selection (like containers).

💡Toggle the Builder mode with the b shortcut

Code panel

Toggle the code panel for viewing the JSX/React code of your components. You can even export your code directly to CodeSandbox!

💡Toggle the Code panel with the c shortcut

Components panel

Drag any component from the left hand panel into this editor. Then start interacting with them. You can drag a preset: it's a group of components (like Alert). Just drop a preset to easily setup a complex component!


Update props & style

On the right hand-side, you can find the inspector panel. You will find the tools to edit the component's props and style.

Delete, reset and documentation

Reach the yellow bar on the top to delete, reset and access the Chakra documentation of each component.

Sort components

By clicking on a component containing children, you will see a Children panel appearing on the right. It enables sorting the children.

Editor Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
cmd+Z ctrl+Z Undo last action
cmd+Y ctrl+y Redo action
cmd+D ctrl+d Duplicate component
del Delete selected component
c Toggle Code panel
b Toggle Builder mode
p Select parent component
Esc Unselect component


  • More Chakra UI components integration
  • Components copy
  • Props panel improvements
  • Code generation improvements
  • Dark mode support
  • Custom presets
  • Custom theme
  • Handle PseudoBox state (hover, active…)
  • Fix bugs 🧨
  • Support other UI (Material, Reakit...)


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⚡️ Full-featured visual editor and code generator for React using Chakra UI







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