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Premium Plus

At Premium Plus we guide you with Zendesk to an Omnichannel Platform that gives you a 360 degree view of your customers.

Premium Plus Development Services

📩 Support

Import and Data transformations

  • Import tickets
  • Import users, organizations
  • Import macro's
  • Sync ticket field values with external sources
  • Bulk convert custom fields into dynamic content
  • Bulk delete users, organizations


  • Show Customer info from CRM next to Ticket
  • Show Order info from Webshop/Order system next to Ticket
  • Show Invoice info from CRM - Invoice system next to Ticket
  • Escalate to other ticket systems (Jira, Dynamics, Hubspot, Freshservice,...)
  • Automate escalation to external parties (via email or webhook)


  • Augment ticket data with data from external resources
  • Auto assign tickets based on external mapping
  • Auto Merge tickets based on similar content


  • Email templates for multiple brands
  • Customize Chat Widget on color and branding

Security and SysAdmin

  • Assist with SAML/JWT config
  • Assist with SSL config
  • Assist with DNS Config
  • Assist with Email config and forwarding


Import and Data transformations

  • Import articles
  • Migrate articles
  • Copy categories, sections, articles
  • Bulk search and replace text in articles
  • Bulk change article (source) locale
  • Export content to file for translation by external companies, import translations when done


  • Create designs from scratch
  • Apply branding to existing themes
  • Customize existing themes
  • Create custom themes based on mockup
  • Create custom pages to display external content
  • Hide forms and fields
  • Prefill forms and fields


  • Assist with DNS Config
  • Add Google Tag Manager Code
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Add HotJar

Messaging and Chat


  • hide/show chat based on website url
  • set chat department based on website url
  • authenticate users
  • set user info based on currently logged in website user
  • hide/chat chat based on department status

Data Import

  • Import Chat Shortcuts

Mobile SDK

  • Assets with integrating the SDK
  • Authentication via JWT


  • Create custom exports
  • Upload reports to external servers
  • Create custom dashboards and audit views

Popular repositories

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