A resizable stock ticker widget for your android home screen, written in Kotlin
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iOS version available on github too


The main purpose of this app is to demonstrate usage of Dagger2 and RxJava

  • A homescreen widget that shows your stock portolio in a resizable grid.
  • Similar to ministocks widget but allowing unlimited tickers in a grid so you don't have to worry about widget size.
  • Stocks can be sorted by dragging and dropping the list.
  • Only performs automatic fetching of stocks during trading hours and weekdays.
  • Showing graphs using MPAndroidChart.

Importing and exporting

  • You can import a list of tickers by selecting import tickers from the settings menu. All you need is a textfile with your tickers in comma-separated format.
  • You can also export your tickers to a file by selecting export tickers.




Prem Nirmal