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Vertigo.vim is a Vim plugin is based on a simple idea: that moving up and down using relative line numbers (e.g., 3j, 15k) is a very simple and precise way of moving around vertically, and shouldn't require your hands to leave home row.

To show how Vertigo works, let's look an example: say you want to go to some line that you can see (with relativenumber) is 14 lines down.

With this plugin, you'd press <Space>j to activate "jump mode." Vim then waits for two home-row keypresses representing a two-digit number, mapping asdfghjkl; to 1234567890. You then press af for 14, and just like that, you're 14 lines down. Easy! For one-digit numbers, just hit shift. (<Space>jF goes four lines down)

If you use a keyboard layout other than QWERTY, that's not a problem! Dvorak users: just add let g:Vertigo_homerow = 'aoeuidhtns' to your .vimrc file. Other keyboards should work too. (see :h vertigo-homerow)


Can't I just use 4k or 22j when I need to? And doesn't EasyMotion cover this, and more? Yes! But:

  • It's lightning fast: You never have to leave home row.
  • It's easy to learn, because your fingers already know where all the numbers are.
  • Why not?


Important note: Regardless of what installation method you use, Vertigo requires you to add some mappings to your .vimrc file. (see below)

I use Pathogen:

cd ~/.vim
git clone bundle/vertigo

Alternatively, with Pathogen, using a git submodule:

cd ~/.vim
git submodule add bundle/vertigo

I haven't personally used other plugin managers, but this should work with any of the ordinary plugin managers.

  • With NeoBundle:
    • NeoBundle 'prendradjaja/vim-vertigo'
  • With Vundle:
    • Bundle 'prendradjaja/vim-vertigo'

For manual installation, copy into ~/.vim, so plugin/vertigo.vim goes to ~/.vim/plugin and doc/vertigo.txt goes to ~/.vim/doc.

.vimrc mappings

After installing, you'll have to put in a few mappings into your .vimrc. Here's one option: (though of course you can change <Space>j and <Space>k to whatever works for you.

nnoremap <silent> <Space>j :<C-U>VertigoDown n<CR>
vnoremap <silent> <Space>j :<C-U>VertigoDown v<CR>
onoremap <silent> <Space>j :<C-U>VertigoDown o<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <Space>k :<C-U>VertigoUp n<CR>
vnoremap <silent> <Space>k :<C-U>VertigoUp v<CR>
onoremap <silent> <Space>k :<C-U>VertigoUp o<CR>

One last thing. Make sure you've got relativenumber and/or number (while the examples above used relative numbering, Vertigo works just as well with absolute line numbers) turned on, and you're good to go!

set relativenumber


set number



A better way to move vertically in Vim.



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