A client to gpg-agent for Go
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This is an experimental repository of a client to the GPG agent. It was built out of a desire to have a somewhat friendly interface to GPG keys stored on a smart card by way of GPG.

At this point, the interface might be subject to change.

Things to know

There are a couple things off about this Go package, namely:

  • You can use PKCS1v15 and PSS for signing when your private keys are stored on disk, but when it's stored on a smart card you can only use PKCS1v15. The reason for this is that we can leverage the PKDECRYPT functionality for both decryption and signing when the keys are stored on disk, but most smart cards won't allow a decrypt operation on a signing key. Therefore, this package needs to leverage the PKSIGN gpg-agent command, which only returns a signature in the PKCS1v15 format.
  • There is no way to know what type of key the GPG agent returns (signing, encryption or authentication), so in the case of subkeys the user has to make this distinction manually.
  • It borrows code from crypto/rsa, because the interface of the rsa package expects a private key to be provided, which is not possible when the private key is stored on a smart card. Therefore, the relevant code from crypto/rsa was copied to an internal package in this repository where the PrivateKey{} was changed to add a DecryptFunc field that gets called instead of the unexported decrypt() function in the rsa package itself.


  • There are possibly some unnecessary type conversions happening because bufio.ReadString() is used as opposed to bufio.ReadBytes().


This software is distributed under the BSD-style license found in the LICENSE file.