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Server is often out of action #18

benkasminbullock opened this Issue · 6 comments

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The server seems to be out of action about half the times I try it.


Ever so that? I haven't feel so often PrePAN was down...


It seemed to be going down a lot. Anyway I will close this issue.


There is something wrong with the JavaScript where the page doesn't load. I have gone to the site just now and I can see the source of the page with "view source" but the page never appears.


Sorry, the above about JavaScript is wrong.

The problem is that the file never finishes loading. It starts loading and then the end of the file is never seen.

This problem only happens on Windows computers. I have tried it on two different Windows computers (Vista and Windows 7) and in either case the page never loads fully. I have used Google Chrome and Firefox browsers on both computers and in both cases the same problem of the page never loading occurred.


Just to clarify, here is a screen shot of the "Developer tools" for as it tries to load on a Windows computer:

Image of slow load

As you can see it takes three minutes to try to load this CSS file then finally gives up.


This seems to be working OK now.

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