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This is the base template for react-redux-firebase.

To use, specify like so: create-react-app my-app --template rrf

Once it is installed modify src/config.js and put real data in this file Here is an example file:

export const rfConfig = {
  userProfile: 'users', // root that user profiles are written to
  useFirestoreForProfile: true, // Save profile to Firestore instead of Real Time Database
  useFirestoreForStorageMeta: true, // Metadata associated with storage file uploads goes to Firestore

// Config for firebase
export const fbConfig = {
  apiKey: ' AIzadumA0d1K8ycDifChLt83L8l2dAzNEsEXETAM ',
  authDomain: '',
  databaseURL: '',
  projectId: 'reduxfirebaseexample-bb4f4',
  storageBucket: '',
  messagingSenderId: '791987320751',
  measurementId: '791987320751',
  appId: '1:791938380751:web:e7d8c463fde349e9280d5a',

export const segmentId = '';

export const publicVapidKey =

For more information, please refer to:

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