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@prescottprue prescottprue released this Dec 15, 2018 · 110 commits to next since this release

  • feat(HOCs): switch firestoreConnect and firebaseConnect to use componentDidMount over componentWillMount - #564
  • feat(core): New react context API working with HOCs (firebaseConnect, firestoreConnect withFirebase, and withFirestore) - #581
  • feat(core): support react-redux v6 by removing usage of (used to be added by Provider from react-redux)
  • feat(core): Added ReactReduxFirebaseContext and ReduxFirestoreContext (with associated providers ReactReduxFirebaseProvider ReduxFirestoreProvider respectively)
  • fix(core): shrink build sizes considerably by adding babel-preset-minify - #573
  • feat(deps): update hoist-non-react-statics to ^3.1.0
  • feat(deps): upgrade to babel^7
  • feat(deps): Update to webpack^4 (along with webpack-cli)
  • feat(deps): update react peer dependency to ^16.4 for new Context API (matches react-redux)
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