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* fix(reducers): add `EMPTY_AUTH_CHANGE` case to Profile Reducer - #305 
* feat(constants): `enableEmptyAuthChanges` config option replaced by `preserveOnEmptyAuthChange`  - #305 
* feat(profile): `autoPopulateProfile` support for v2 (still `disabled` by default)
* fix(presence): support presence option on `react-native-firebase` versions without `setPriority` on `RNFirebase.database.ThenableReference` - #267
* fix(core): withFirebase now works for all main methods
* feat(examples): material example updated to be much more simple (uses mostly functional components over classes)
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React Native Complete Example

Getting Started

NOTE This example assumes you have react-native installed

  1. Clone main repo
  2. Enter example folder by running cd examples/complete/react-native
  3. Install dependencies using yarn install or npm install
  4. Run using react-native run-ios

Dev Scripts

  • npm run dev - starts watcher and packager together concurrently
  • npm run clean - cleans up old build folder (good for troubleshooting)

Application Structure

├─ src                      # Application source code
│  ├── index.js             # Application bootstrap and rendering
│  └── Home.js              # Main page
├- ios                      # Platform specific code, config and dependencies for iOS
│  ├─ GoogleService-info.plist # iOS app config file downloaded from Firebase
├─ scripts                  # Development helper scripts
│  └── watch-and-copy.js    # Development helper that watches and copies changed files
└─ index.ios.js             # iOS Application Mounting (connects iOS -> `/src`)

Running Your Own

If you are planning on running your own react-native project based on this one. Please make sure you follow the new setup steps in the react-native recipe