prescottprue v2.0.0-beta.18 (#345)
* feat(populate): `childAlias` for store results of populate on another parameter - #126
* feat(profile): Firestore support for `updateProfile` method - [issue 25 on redux-firestore](prescottprue/redux-firestore#25)
* feat(storage): `progress` option added to `uploadFile` method - #346
* feat(storage): `uploadFile` default metadata written to DB now includes `createdAt`
* feat(core): `redux-firestore` is no longer a dependency - managed by library user directly
* fix(examples): Material-ui example updates (including moving `injectTapEventPlugin()` to `main.js`)
Latest commit f70e74e Dec 3, 2017

React Native Firebase Example

Simple example of using native modules with react-redux-firebase by using react-native-firebase

This project was bootstrapped with Create React Native App.

Get Started

  1. yarn install
  2. react-native run-ios