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v3.0.0 Roadmap

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This document will serve as location for information about the v3.0.0 major release.

Version Description

Minimal breaking changes with a focus on adding support for new react features including strict mode and the stable context API.

Current Status

Stage: alpha

While in the alpha stage the following will apply:

  • All PRs will be against the next branch
  • Releases will be to the @next npm tag

Proposed Features

  • Support for react strict mode - #564
  • Improved bundle size support (should include way to audit size) - #573
  • Support/Docs for stable react context API
  • Support react-redux v6 - #581
  • Switch firebaseConnect and firestoreConnect to using componentDidMount in place of componentWillMount which is deprecated in newer react versions (as described here)
  • Support for multiple Firebase Apps in one store - #579
  • Warnings for invalid query config parameters - #541
  • Remove support for credentials.signIn in createUser (signIn is automatic) - #513
  • Full SSR support and examples (including separating each user's auth) - #576
  • Reducer plugin allowing for the developer to change how state is updated in response to certain actions

Proposed Potentially Breaking Changes

  • Removing support for credentials.signIn option in createUser (since Firebase automatically logs in) - #513
  • Removing support for getFirebase - see #635 for examples

API Changes


  • ReactReduxFirebaseProvider and ReduxFirestoreProvider - new context providers (using stable context api)


  • credentials.signIn is no longer an option in createUser
  • reactReduxFirebase and reduxFirestore are no longer part of the API - ReactReduxFirebaseProvider is how the wrapped instance is passed into react's context
  • getFirebase is no longer part of the API - Wrapped instance is no longer kept on the store. New best patterns are being researched, but if you have input please reach out!

Potentially Breaking

  • Switch to componentDidMount in place of componentWillMount for firebaseConnect and firestoreConnect

Open Questions

  • What is the new pattern for passing firebase instance to store middlewares like redux-thunk? - #635
  • Is componentDidMount in place of componentWillMount actually breaking? If so, how?
  • Should import standards/docs change to improve bundle size for #573?
  • There has been talk of switching to a mono repo for a while, maybe under the redux-firebase npm org. Is 3.0.0 different enough to where now is the right time to start this? Is it worth slowing down the release of the other proposed features? Especially with react-redux v6 re-write.
  • Whether or not reducer plugin will remain a planned feature in this version (writing this can become extremely complex, so it may be out of scope for this major version)
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