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Presentator is design presentation and collaboration platform.

The project is organized in a monorepo and consists of several decoupled packages:



For production environment it is recommended to follow the starter package instructions.


Creating a development environment with Docker is probably one of the easiest way to get started with the project.

If you don't want to use the Docker dev setup, you can always follow each sub package instructions and install them manually.

  1. Make sure that you have installed Docker and Docker Compose.

  2. Clone or download the Presentator repository and execute the following commands:

    # start the docker daemon service (if is not started already)
    sudo systemctl start docker
    # navigate to the project root dir
    cd /path/to/presentator
    # start all project containers in the background
    docker-compose up -d
    # initial api and spa setup (required only the first time you setup the application)
    # start the application web interface
    ./compose/scripts/spa npm run serve

That's it! You should be able to access the following addresses in your browser:

The following helper docker scripts are available:

# take care for the first-time application setup

# run api tests, eg. `./compose/scripts/codecept run`
./compose/scripts/codecept ...

# execute any command within the *api* container, eg. `./compose/scripts/api php yii migrate`
./compose/scripts/api ...

# execute any command within the *spa* container, eg. `./compose/scripts/spa npm run build`
./compose/scripts/spa ...

# execute any command within the *jsclient* container, eg. `./compose/scripts/jsclient npm install`
./compose/scripts/jsclient ...

To stop and shutdown every container just run docker-compose down while in the project root directory.

Upgrade from v1

If you have previously installed Presentator v1, please follow the upgrade instructions.


Presentator is Open Source project licensed under the BSD-3 License.

You could join our team and help us by: