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Tagbar: a class outline viewer for Vim

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What Tagbar is

Tagbar is a Vim plugin that provides an easy way to browse the tags of the current file and get an overview of its structure. It does this by creating a sidebar that displays the ctags-generated tags of the current file, ordered by their scope. This means that for example methods in C++ are displayed under the class they are defined in.

What Tagbar is not

Tagbar is not a general-purpose tool for managing tags files. It only creates the tags it needs on-the-fly in-memory without creating any files. tags file management is provided by other plugins, like for example gutentags.


  • Vim >= 7.3.1058 or any version of NeoVim.

  • A ctags implementation: We highly recommend any version of Universal Ctags. It is a maintained fork of Exuberant Ctags with many bugfixes, support for many more formats, and proper Unicode support.

    Exuberant Ctags 5.5 or higher works to some degree but will be deprecated eventually.

    Some additional formats can also be handled by other providers such as jsctags or phpctags.


Extract the archive or clone the repository into a directory in your 'runtimepath', or use a plugin manager of your choice like pathogen. Don't forget to run :helptags if your plugin manager doesn't do it for you so you can access the documentation with :help tagbar.

If the ctags executable is not installed in one of the directories in your $PATH environment variable you have to set the g:tagbar_ctags_bin variable, see the documentation for more info.


Put something like the following into your ~/.vimrc:

nmap <F8> :TagbarToggle<CR>

If you do this the F8 key will toggle the Tagbar window. You can of course use any shortcut you want. For more flexible ways to open and close the window (and the rest of the functionality) see the documentation using :help tagbar.

Support for additional filetypes

For filetypes that are not supported by Exuberant Ctags check out the wiki to see whether other projects offer support for them and how to use them. Please add any other projects/configurations that you find or create yourself so that others can benefit from them, too.

Note: If the file structure display is wrong

If you notice that there are some errors in the way your file's structure is displayed in Tagbar, please make sure that the bug is actually in Tagbar before you report an issue. Since Tagbar uses exuberant-ctags and compatible programs to do the actual file parsing, it is likely that the bug is actually in the program responsible for that filetype instead.

There is an example in :h tagbar-issues about how to run ctags manually so you can determine where the bug actually is. If the bug is actually in ctags, please report it on their website instead, as there is nothing I can do about it in Tagbar. Thank you!

You can also have a look at ctags bugs that have previously been filed against Tagbar.


screenshot1 screenshot2


Tagbar is distributed under the terms of the Vim license, see the included LICENSE file.


Tagbar was originally written by Jan Larres. It is actively maintained by Caleb Maclennan and David Hegland. At least 75 others have contributed features and bug fixes over the years. Please document issues or submit pull requests on Github.