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Vimux: easily interact with tmux from vim

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Vimux was originally inspired by tslime.vim, a plugin that lets you send input to tmux. While tslime.vim works well, it wasn't optimized for the use case of having a smaller tmux pane used to run tests or play with a REPL. The goal of Vimux is to make interacting with tmux from vim effortless.

By default, when you call VimuxRunCommand vimux will create a 20% tall horizontal pane under your current tmux pane and execute a command in it without losing the focus on vim. Once that pane exists, whenever you call VimuxRunCommand again the command will be executed in that pane. A frequent use case is wanting to rerun commands over and over. An example of this is running the current file through rspec. Rather than typing that over and over VimuxRunLastCommand will execute the last command called with VimuxRunCommand.


With vim-bundle: vim-bundle install preservim/vimux With Vundle: Plugin 'preservim/vimux' in your .vimrc

Otherwise download the latest tarball, extract it and move plugin/vimux.vim inside ~/.vim/plugin. If you're using pathogen, then move the entire folder extracted from the tarball into ~/.vim/bundle.


  • Vimux assumes a reasonably new version of tmux. Some older versions might work but it is recommended to use the latest stable release.


The full documentation is available online and accessible inside vim via :help vimux

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