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# 3.5.0
* Allow `-t None`
* Fail on invalid checks specified by `-x` or `-t`
* Avoid warning about all, first, or last after Rails 4.0
* Avoid warning about models in SQLi
* Lower confidence of SQLi when maybe not on models
* Warn about SQLi even potentially on non-models
* Report check name in JSON and plain reports
* Treat templates without `.html` as HTML anyway
* Add `--ensure-latest` option (tamgrosser / Michael Grosser)
* Add `--no-summary` to hide summaries in HTML/text reports
* Handle `included` block in concerns
* Process concerns before controllers
# 3.4.1
* Show action help at start of interactive ignore
* Check CSRF setting in direct subclasses of `ActionController::Base` (Jason Yeo)
* Configurable engines path (Jason Yeo)
* Use Ruby version to turn off SymbolDoS check
* Pull Ruby version from `.ruby-version` or Gemfile
* Avoid warning about `where_values_hash` in SQLi
* Fix ignoring link interpolation not at beginning of string
# 3.4.0
* Add new `plain` report format
* Add option to prune ignore file with `-I`
* Improved Slim template support
* Show obsolete ignore entries in reports (Jonathan Cheatham)
* Support creating reports in non-existent paths
* Add `--no-exit-warn`
# 3.3.5
* Fix bug in reports when using --debug option
# 3.3.4
* Add generic warning for CVE-2016-6316
* Warn about dangerous use of `content_tag` with CVE-2016-6316
* Add warning for CVE-2016-6317
* Use Minitest
# 3.3.3
* Show path when no Rails app found (Neil Matatall)
* Index calls in view helpers
* Process inline template renders
* Avoid warning about hashes in link_to hrefs
* Add documentation for authentication category
* Ignore boolean methods in render paths
* Reduce open redirect duplicates
* Fix SymbolDoS error with unknown Rails version
* Sexp#value returns nil when there is no value
* Improve return value estimation
# 3.3.2
* Fix serious performance regression with global constant tracking
# 3.3.1
* Delay loading vendored gems and modifying load path
* Avoid warning about SQL injection with `quoted_primary_key`
* Support more safe `&.` operations
* Allow multile line regex in `validates_format_of` (Dmitrij Fedorenko)
* Only consider `if` branches in templates
* Avoid overwriting instance/class methods with same name (Tim Wade)
* Add `--force-scan` option (Neil Matatall)
* Improved line number accuracy in ERB templates (Patrick Toomey)
# 3.3.0
* Skip processing obviously false if branches (more broadly)
* Skip if branches with `Rails.env.test?`
* Return exit code `4` if no Rails application is detected
* Avoid warning about mass assignment with `params.slice`
* Avoid warning about `u` helper (Chad Dollins)
* Add optional check for secrets in source code
* Process `Array#first`
* Allow non-Hash arguments in `protect_from_forgery` (Jason Yeo)
* Avoid warning on `popen` with array
* Bundle all dependencies in gem
* Track constants globally
* Handle HAML `find_and_preserve` with a block
* [Code Climate engine] When possible, output to /dev/stdout (Gordon Diggs)
* [Code Climate engine] Remove nil entries from include_paths (Gordon Diggs)
* [Code Climate engine] Report end lines for issues (Gordon Diggs)
# 3.2.1
* Remove `multi_json` dependency from `bin/brakeman`
# 3.2.0
* Skip Symbol DoS check on Rails 5
* Only update ignore config file on changes
* Sort ignore config file
* Support calls using `&.` operator
* Update ruby_parser dependency to 3.8.1
* Remove `fastercsv` dependency
* Fix finding calls with `targets: nil`
* Remove `multi_json` dependecy
* Handle CoffeeScript in HAML
* Avoid render warnings about params[:action]/params[:controller]
* Index calls in class bodies but outside methods
# 3.1.5
* Fix CodeClimate construction of --only-files (Will Fleming)
* Add check for denial of service via routes (CVE-2015-7581)
* Warn about RCE with `render params` (CVE-2016-0752)
* Add check for `strip_tags` XSS (CVE-2015-7579)
* Add check for `sanitize` XSS (CVE-2015-7578/80)
* Add check for `reject_if` proc bypass (CVE-2015-7577)
* Add check for mime-type denial of service (CVE-2016-0751)
* Add check for basic auth timing attack (CVE-2015-7576)
* Add initial Rails 5 support
* Check for implict integer comparison in dynamic finders
* Support directories better in --only-files and --skip-files (Patrick Toomey)
* Avoid warning about `permit` in SQL
* Handle guards using `detect`
* Avoid warning on user input in comparisons
* Handle module names with self methods
* Add session manipulation documentation
# 3.1.4
* Emit brakeman's native fingerprints for Code Climate engine (Noah Davis)
* Ignore secrets.yml if in .gitignore
* Clean up Ruby warnings (Andy Waite)
* Increase test coverage for option parsing (Zander Mackie)
* Work around safe_yaml error
# 3.1.3
* Check for session secret in secrets.yml
* Respect `exit_on_warn` in config file
* Avoid warning on `without_protection: true` with hash literals
* Make sure before_filter call with block is still a call
* CallIndex improvements
* Restore minimum Highline version (Kevin Glowacz)
* Add Code Climate output format (Ashley Baldwin-Hunter/Devon Blandin/John Pignata/Michael Bernstein)
* Iteratively replace values
* Output nil instead of false for user_input in JSON
* Depend on safe_yaml 1.0 or later
* Test coverage improvements for Brakema module (Bethany Rentz)
# 3.1.2
* Treat `current_user` like a model
* Set user input value for inline renders
* Avoid warning on inline renders with safe content types
* Handle empty interpolation in HAML filters
* Ignore filters that are not method names
* Avoid warning about model find/find_by* in hrefs
* Use SafeYAML to load configuration files
* Warn on SQL query keys, not values in hashes
* Allow inspection of recursive Sexps
* Add line numbers to class-level warnings
* Handle `private def ...`
* Catch divide-by-zero in alias processing
* Reduce string allocations in Warning#initialize
* Sortable tables in HTML report (David Lanner)
* Search for config file relative to application root
# 3.1.1
* Add optional check for use of MD5 and SHA1
* Avoid warning when linking to decorated models
* Add check for user input in session keys
* Fix chained assignment
* Treat a.try(&:b) like a.b()
* Consider j/escape_javascript safe inside HAML JavaScript blocks
* Better HAML processing of find_and_preserve calls
* Add more Arel methods to be ignored in SQL
* Fix absolute paths for Windows (Cody Frederick)
* Support newer terminal-table releases
* Allow searching call index methods by regex (Alex Ianus)
# 3.1.0
* Add support for gems.rb/gems.locked
* Update render path information in JSON reports
* Remove renaming of several Sexp nodes
* Convert YAML config keys to symbols (Karl Glaser)
* Use railties version if rails gem is missing (Lucas Mazza)
* Warn about unverified SSL mode in Net::HTTP.start
* Add Model, Controller, Template, Config classes internally
* Report file being parsed in debug output
* Update dependencies to Ruby 1.8 incompatible versions
* Treat and as arrays/hashes
* Fix handling of string concatenation with existing string
* Treat html_safe like raw()
* Fix low confidence XSS warning code
* Avoid warning on path creation methods in link_to
* Expand safe methods to match methods with targets
* Avoid duplicate eval() warnings
# 3.0.5
* Fix check for CVE-2015-3227
# 3.0.4
* Add check for CVE-2015-3226 (XSS via JSON keys)
* Add check for CVE-2015-3227 (XML DoS)
* Treat `<%==` as unescaped output
* Update `ruby_parser` dependency to 3.7.0
# 3.0.3
* Ignore more Arel methods in SQL
* Warn about protect_from_forgery without exceptions (Neil Matatall)
* Handle lambdas as filters
* Ignore quoted_table_name in SQL (Gabriel Sobrinho)
* Warn about RCE and file access with `open`
* Handle array include? guard conditionals
* Do not ignore targets of `to_s` in SQL
* Add Rake task to exit with error code on warnings (masarakki)
# 3.0.2
* Alias process methods called in class scope on models
* Treat primary_key, table_name_prefix, table_name_suffix as safe in SQL
* Fix using --compare and --add-checks-path together
* Avoid warning about mass assignment with string literals
* Only report original regex DoS locations
* Improve render path information implementation
* Report correct file for simple_format usage CVE warning
* Remove URI.escape from HTML reports with GitHub repos
* Update ruby_parser to ~> 3.6.2
* Remove formatting newlines in HAML template output
* Ignore case value in XSS checks
* Fix CSV output when there are no warnings
* Handle processing of explictly shadowed block arguments
# 3.0.1
* Avoid protect_from_forgery warning unless ApplicationController inherits from ActionController::Base
* Properly format command interpolation (again)
* Remove Slim dependency (Casey West)
* Allow for controllers/models/templates in directories under `app/` (Neal Harris)
* Add `--add-libs-path` for additional libraries (Patrick Toomey)
* Properly process libraries (Patrick Toomey)
# 3.0.0
* Add check for CVE-2014-7829
* Add check for cross site scripting via inline renders
* Fix formatting of command interpolation
* Local variables are no longer formatted as `(local var)`
* Actually skip skipped before filters
* `--exit-on-warn --compare` only returns error code on new warnings (Jeff Yip)
* Fix parsing of `<%==` in ERB
* Sort warnings by fingerprint in JSON report (Jeff Yip)
* Handle symmetric multiple assignment
* Do not branch for self attribute assignment `x = x.y`
* Fix CVE for CVE-2011-2932
* Remove "fake filters" from warning fingerpints
* Index calls in `lib/` files
* Move Symbol DoS to optional checks
* CVEs report correct line and file name (Gemfile/Gemfile.lock) (Rob Fletcher)
* Change `--separate-models` to be the default
# 2.6.3
* Whitelist `exists` arel method from SQL injection check
* Avoid warning about Symbol DoS on safe parameters as method targets
* Fix stack overflow in ProcessHelper#class_name
* Add optional check for unscoped find queries (Ben Toews)
* Add framework for optional checks
* Fix stack overflow for cycles in class ancestors (Jeff Rafter)
# 2.6.2
* Add check for CVE-2014-3415
* Avoid warning about symbolizing safe parameters
* Update ruby2ruby dependency to 2.1.1
* Expand app path in one place instead of all over (Jeff Rafter)
* Add `--add-checks-path` option for external checks (Clint Gibler)
* Fix SQL injection detection in deep nested string building
* Add `-4` option to force Rails 4 mode
* Check entire call for `send`
* Check for .gitignore of secrets in subdirectories
* Fix block statment endings in Erubis
* Fix undefined variable in controller processing error (Jason Barnabe)
# 2.6.1
* Add check for CVE-2014-3482 and CVE-2014-3483
* Add support for keyword arguments in blocks
* Remove unused warning codes (Bill Fischer)
# 2.6.0
* Fix detection of `:host` setting in redirects with chained calls
* Add check for CVE-2014-0130
* Add `find_by`/`find_by!` to SQLi check for Rails 4
* Parse most files upfront instead of on demand
* Do not branch values for `+=`
* Update to use RubyParser 3.5.0 (Patrick Toomey)
* Improve default route detection in Rails 3/4 (Jeff Jarmoc)
* Handle controllers and models split across files (Patrick Toomey)
* Fix handling of `protected_attributes` gem in Rails 4 (Geoffrey Hichborn)
* Ignore more model methods in redirects
* Fix CheckRender with nested render calls
# 2.5.0
* Add support for RailsLTS and
* Add support for Rails 4 `before_actions` and friends
* Move SQLi CVE checks to `CheckSQLCVEs`
* Check for protected_attributes gem
* Fix SQLi detection in chain calls in scopes
* Add GitHub-flavored Markdown output format (Greg Ose)
* Fix false positives when sanitize() is used in SQL (Jeff Yip)
* Add String#intern and Hash#symbolize_keys DoS check (Jan Rusnacko)
* Check all arguments in for SQLi
* Fix false positive when :host is specified in redirect
* Handle more non-literals in routes
* Add check for regex denial of service (Ben Toews)
# 2.4.3
No changes. 2.4.2 gem release was unsigned, 2.4.3 is signed.
# 2.4.2
* Remove `rescue Exception`
* Fix duplicate warnings about sanitize CVE
* Reuse duplicate call location information
* Only track original template output locations
* Skip identically rendered templates
* Fix HAML template processing
# 2.4.1
* Add check for CVE-2014-0082
* Add check for CVE-2014-0081, replaces CVE-2013-6415
* Add check for CVE-2014-0080
# 2.4.0
* Detect Rails LTS versions
* Reduce false positives for SQL injection in string building
* More accurate user input marking for SQL injection warnings
* Detect SQL injection in `delete_all`/`destroy_all`
* Detect SQL injection raw SQL queries using `connection`
* Parse exact versions from Gemfile.lock for all gems
* Ignore generators
* Update to RubyParser 3.4.0
* Fix false positives when SQL methods are not called on AR models (Aaron Bedra)
* Add check for uses of OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE (Aaron Bedra)
* No longer raise exceptions if a class name cannot be determined
* Fingerprint attribute warnings individually (Case Taintor)
# 2.3.1
* Fix check for CVE-2013-4491 (i18n XSS) to detect workaround
* Fix link for CVE-2013-6415 (number_to_currency)
# 2.3.0
* Add check for Parameters#permit!
* Add check for CVE-2013-4491 (i18n XSS)
* Add check for CVE-2013-6414 (header DoS)
* Add check for CVE-2013-6415 (number_to_currency)
* Add check for CVE-2013-6416 (simple_format XSS)
* Add check for CVE-2013-6417 (query generation)
* Fix typos in reflection and translate bug messages
* Collapse send/try calls
* Fix Slim XSS false positives (Noah Davis)
* Whitelist `Model#create` for redirects
* Fix scoping issues with instance variables and blocks
# 2.2.0
* Reduce command injection false positives
* Use Rails version from Gemfile if it is available
* Only add routes with actual names
* Ignore redirects to models using friendly_id (AJ Ostrow)
* Support scanning Rails engines (Geoffrey Hichborn)
* Add check for detailed exceptions in production
# 2.1.2
* Do not attempt to load custom Haml filters
* Do not warn about `to_json` XSS in Rails 4
* Add --table-width option to set width of text reports (ssendev)
* Remove fuzzy matching on dangerous attr_accessible values
# 2.1.1
* New warning code for dangerous attributes in attr_accessible
* Do not warn on attr_accessible using roles
* More accurate results for model attribute warnings
* Use exit code zero with `-z` if all warnings ignored
* Respect ignored warnings in rescans
* Ignore dynamic controller names in routes
* Fix infinite loop when run as rake task (Matthew Shanley)
* Respect ignored warnings in tabs format reports
# 2.1.0
* Support non-native line endings in Gemfile.lock (Paul Deardorff)
* Support for ignoring warnings
* Check for dangerous model attributes defined in attr_accessible (Paul Deardorff)
* Update to ruby_parser 3.2.2
* Add brakeman-min gemspec
* Load gem dependencies on-demand
* Output JSON diff to file if -o option is used
* Add check for authenticate_or_request_with_http_basic
* Refactor of SQL injection check code (Bart ten Brinke)
* Fix detection of duplicate XSS warnings
* Refactor reports into separate classes
* Allow use of Slim 2.x (Ian Zabel)
* Return error exit code when application path is not found
* Add `--branch-limit` option, limit to 5 by default
* Add more methods to check for command injection
* Fix output format detection to be more strict again
* Allow empty Brakeman configuration file
# 2.0.0
* Add `--only-files` option to specify files/paths to scan (Ian Ehlert)
* Add Marshal/CSV deserialization check
* Combine deserialization checks into single check
* Avoid duplicate "Dangerous Send" and "Unsafe Reflection" warnings
* Avoid duplicate results for Symbol DoS check
* Medium confidence for mass assignment to attr_protected models
* Remove "timestamp" key from JSON reports
* Remove deprecated config file locations
* Relative paths are used by default in JSON reports
* `--absolute-paths` replaces `--relative-paths`
* Only treat classes with names containing `Controller` like controllers
* Better handling of classes nested inside controllers
* Better handling of controller classes nested in classes/modules
* Handle `->` lambdas with no arguments
* Handle explicit block argument destructuring
* Skip Rails config options that are real objects
* Detect Rails 3 JSON escape config option
* Much better tracking of warning file names
* Fix errors when using `--separate-models` (Noah Davis)
* Fix fingerprint generation to actually use the file path
* Fix text report console output in JRuby
* Fix false positives on `Model#id`
* Fix false positives on `params.to_json`
* Fix model path guesses to use "models/" instead of "controllers/"
* Clean up SQL CVE warning messages
* Use exceptions instead of abort in brakeman lib
* Update to Ruby2Ruby 2.0.5
# 1.9.5
* Add check for unsafe symbol creation
* Do not warn on mass assignment with `slice`/`only`
* Do not warn on session secret if in `.gitignore`
* Fix scoping for blocks and block arguments
* Fix error when modifying blocks in templates
* Fix session secret check for Rails 4
* Fix crash on `before_filter` outside controller
* Fix `Sexp` hash cache invalidation
* Respect `quiet` option in configuration file
* Convert assignment to simple `if` expressions to `or`
* More fixes for assignments inside branches
* Pin to ruby2ruby version 2.0.3
# 1.9.4
* Add check for CVE-2013-1854
* Add check for CVE-2013-1855
* Add check for CVE-2013-1856
* Add check for CVE-2013-1857
* Fix `--compare` to work with older versions
* Add "no-referrer' to HTML report links
* Don't warn when invoking `send` on user input
* Slightly faster cloning of Sexps
* Detect another way to add `strong_parameters`
# 1.9.3
* Add render path to JSON report
* Add warning fingerprints
* Add check for unsafe reflection (Gabriel Quadros)
* Add check for skipping authentication methods with blacklist
* Add support for Slim templates
* Remove empty tables from reports (Owen Ben Davies)
* Handle `prepend/append_before_filter`
* Performance improvements when handling branches
* Fix processing of `production.rb`
* Fix version check for Ruby 2.0
* Expand HAML dependency to include 4.0
* Scroll errors into view when expanding in HTML report
# 1.9.2
* Add check for CVE-2013-0269
* Add check for CVE-2013-0276
* Add check for CVE-2013-0277
* Add check for CVE-2013-0333
* Check for more send-like methods
* Check for more SQL injection locations
* Check for more dangerous YAML methods
* Support MultiJSON 1.2 for Rails 3.0 and 3.1
# 1.9.1
* Update to RubyParser 3.1.1 (neersighted)
* Remove ActiveSupport dependency (Neil Matatall)
* Do not warn on arrays passed to `link_to` (Neil Matatall)
* Warn on secret tokens
* Warn on more mass assignment methods
* Add check for CVE-2012-5664
* Add check for CVE-2013-0155
* Add check for CVE-2013-0156
* Add check for unsafe `YAML.load`
# 1.9.0
* Update to RubyParser 3
* Ignore route information by default
* Support `strong_parameters`
* Support newer `validates :format` call
* Add scan time to reports
* Add Brakeman version to reports
* Fix `CheckExecute` to warn on all string interpolation
* Fix false positive on `to_sql` calls
* Don't mangle whitespace in JSON code formatting
* Add AppTree as facade for filesystem (brynary)
* Add link for translate vulnerability warning (grosser)
* Rename LICENSE to MIT-LICENSE, remove from README (grosser)
* Add Rakefile to run tests (grosser)
* Better default config file locations (grosser)
* Reduce Sexp creation
* Handle empty model files
* Remove "find by regex" feature from `CallIndex`
# 1.8.3
* Use `multi_json` gem for better harmony
* Performance improvement for call indexing
* Fix issue with processing HAML files
* Handle pre-release versions when processing `Gemfile.lock`
* Only check first argument of `redirect_to`
* Fix false positives from `Model.arel_table` accesses
* Fix false positives on redirects to models decorated with Draper gem
* Fix false positive on redirect to model association
* Fix false positive on `YAML.load`
* Fix false positive XSS on any `to_i` output
* Fix error on Rails 2 name routes with no args
* Fix error in rescan of mixins with symbols in method name
* Do not rescan non-Ruby files in config/
# 1.8.2
* Fixed rescanning problems caused by 1.8.0 changes
* Fix scope calls with single argument
* Report specific model name in rendered collections
* Handle overwritten JSON escape settings
* Much improved test coverage
* Add CHANGES to gemspec
# 1.8.1
* Recover from errors in output formatting
* Fix false positive in redirect_to (Neil Matatall)
* Fix problems with removal of `Sexp#method_missing`
* Fix array indexing in alias processing
* Fix old mail_to vulnerability check
* Fix rescans when only controller action changes
* Allow comparison of versions with unequal lengths
* Handle super calls with blocks
* Respect `-q` flag for "Rails 3 detected" message
# 1.8.0
* Support relative paths in reports (fsword)
* Allow Brakeman to be run without tty (fsword)
* Fix exit code with `--compare` (fsword)
* Fix `--rake` option (Deepak Kumar)
* Add high confidence warnings for `to_json` XSS (Neil Matatall)
* Fix `redirect_to` false negative
* Fix duplicate warnings with `raw` calls
* Fix shadowing of rendered partials
* Add "render chain" to HTML reports
* Add check for XSS in `content_tag`
* Add full backtrace for errors in debug mode
* Treat model attributes in `or` expressions as immediate values
* Switch to method access for Sexp nodes
# 1.7.1
* Add check for CVE-2012-3463
* Add check for CVE-2012-3464
* Add check for CVE-2012-3465
* Add charset to HTML report (hooopo)
* Report XSS in select() for Rails 2
# 1.7.0
* Add check for CVE-2012-3424
* Link report types to descriptions on website
* Report errors raised while running check
* Improve processing of Rails 3 routes
* Fix "empty char-class" error
* Improve file access check
* Avoid warning on non-ActiveModel models
* Speed improvements by stripping down SexpProcessor
* Fix how `params[:x] ||=` is handled
* Treat user input in `or` expressions as immediate values
* Fix processing of negative array indexes
* Add line breaks to truncated table rows
# 1.6.2
* Add checks for CVE-2012-2660, CVE-2012-2661, CVE-2012-2694, CVE-2012-2695 (Dave Worth)
* Avoid warning when redirecting to a model instance
* Add `request.parameters` as a parameters hash
* Raise confidence level for model attributes in redirects
* Return non-zero exit code when missing dependencies
* Fix `before_filter :except` logic
* Only accept symbol literals as before_filter names
* Cache before_filter lookups
* Turn off quiet mode by default for `--compare`
# 1.6.1
* Major rewrite of CheckSQL
* Fix rescanning of deleted templates
* Process actions mixed into controllers
* Handle `render :template => ...`
* Check for inherited attr_accessible (Neil Matatall)
* Fix highlighting of HTML escaped values in HTML report
* Report line number of highlighted value, if available
# 1.6.0
* Remove the Ruport dependency (Neil Matatall)
* Add more informational JSON output (Neil Matatall)
* Add comparison to previous JSON report (Neil Matatall)
* Add highlighting of dangerous values in HTML/text reports
* Model#update_attribute should not raise mass assignment warning (Dave Worth)
* Don't check `find_by_*` method for SQL injection
* Fix duplicate reporting of mass assignment and SQL injection
* Fix rescanning of deleted files
* Properly check for rails_xss in Gemfile
# 1.5.3
* Add check for user input in Object#send (Neil Matatall)
* Handle render :layout in views
* Support output to multiple formats (Nick Green)
* Prevent infinite loops in mutually recursive templates
* Only check eval arguments for user input, not targets
* Search subdirectories for models
* Set values in request hashes and propagate to views
* Add rake task file to gemspec (Anton Ageev)
* Filter rescanning of templates (Neil Matatall)
* Improve handling of modules and nesting
* Test for zero errors in test reports
# 1.5.2
* Fix link_to checks for Rails 2.0 and 2.3
* Fix rescanning of lib files (Neil Matatall)
* Output stack trace on interrupt when debugging
* Ignore user input in if statement conditions
* Fix --skip-files option
* Only warn on user input in render paths
* Fix handling of views when using rails_xss
* Revert to ruby_parser 2.3.1 for Ruby 1.8 parsing
# 1.5.1
* Fix detection of global mass assignment setting
* Fix partial rendering in Rails 3
* Show backtrace when interrupt received (Ruby 1.9 only)
* More debug output
* Remove duplicate method in Brakeman::Rails2XSSErubis
* Add tracking of module and class to Brakeman::BaseProcessor
* Report module when using Brakeman::FindCall
# 1.5.0
* Add version check for SafeBuffer vulnerability
* Add check for select vulnerability in Rails 3
* select() is no longer considered safe in Rails 2
* Add check for skipping CSRF protection with a blacklist
* Add JSON report format
* Model#id should not be considered XSS
* Standardize methods to check for SQL injection
* Fix Rails 2 route parsing issue with nested routes
# 1.4.0
* Add check for user input in link_to href parameter
* Match ERB processing to rails_xss plugin when plugin used
* Add Brakeman::Report#to_json, Brakeman::Warning#to_json
* Warnings below minimum confidence are dropped completely
* always returns a Tracker
# 1.3.0
* Add file paths to HTML report
* Add caching of filters
* Add --skip-files option
* Add support for attr_protected
* Add detection of request.env as user input
* Descriptions of checks in -k output
* Improved processing of named scopes
* Check for mass assignment in ActiveRecord::Associations::AssociationCollection#build
* Better variable substitution
* Table output option for rescan reports
# 1.2.2
* --no-progress works again
* Make CheckLinkTo a separate check
* Don't fail on unknown options to resource(s)
* Handle empty resource(s) blocks
* Add RescanReport#existing_warnings
## 1.2.1
* Remove link_to warning for Rails 3.x or when using rails_xss
* Don't warn if first argument to link_to is escaped
* Detect usage of attr_accessible with no arguments
* Fix error when rendering a partial from a view but not through a controller
* Fix some issues with rails_xss, CheckCrossSiteScripting, and CheckTranslateBug
* Simplify Brakeman Rake task
* Avoid modifying $VERBOSE
* Add Brakeman::RescanReport#to_s
* Add Brakeman::Warning#to_s
## 1.2.0
* Speed improvements for CheckExecute and CheckRender
* Check named_scope() and scope() for SQL injection
* Add --rake option to create rake task to run Brakeman
* Add experimental support for rescanning a subset of files
* Add --summary option to only output summary
* Fix a problem with Rails 3 routes
## 1.1.0
* Relax required versions for dependencies
* Performance improvements for source processing
* Better progress reporting
* Handle basic operators like << + - * /
* Rescue more errors to prevent complete crashes
* Compatibility with newer Haml versions
* Fix some warnings
## 1.0.0
* Better handling of assignments inside ifs
* Check more expressions for SQL injection
* Use latest ruby_parser for better 1.9 syntax support
* Better behavior for Brakeman as a library
## 1.0.0rc1
* Brakeman can now be used as a library
* Faster call search
* Add option to return error code if warnings are found (tw-ngreen)
* Allow truncated messages to be expanded in HTML
* Fix summary when using warning thresholds
* Better support for Rails 3 routes
* Reduce SQL injection duplicate warnings
* Lower confidence on mass assignment with no user input
* Ignore mass assignment using all literal arguments
* Keep expanded context in view with HTML output
## 0.9.2
* Fix Rails 3 configuration parsing
* Add t() helper to check for translate XSS bug
## 0.9.1
* Add warning for translator helper XSS vulnerability
## 0.9.0
* Process Rails 3 configuration files
* Fix CSV output
* Check for config.active_record.whitelist_attributes = true
* Always produce a warning for without_protection => true
## 0.8.4
* Option for separate attr_accessible warnings
* Option to set CSS file for HTML output
* Add file names for version-specific warnings
* Add line number for default routes in a controller
* Fix hash_insert()
* Remove use of Queue from threaded checks
## 0.8.3
* Respect -w flag in .tabs format (tw-ngreen)
* Escape HTML output of error messages
* Add --skip-libs option
## 0.8.2
* Run checks in parallel threads by default
* Fix compatibility with ruby_parser 2.3.1
## 0.8.1
* Add option to assume all controller methods are actions
* Recover from errors when parsing routes
## 0.8.0
* Add check for mass assignment using without_protection
* Add check for password in http_basic_authenticate_with
* Warn on user input in hash argument with mass assignment
* auto_link is now considered safe for Rails >= 3.0.6
* Output detected Rails version in report
* Keep track of methods called in class definition
* Add ruby_parser hack for Ruby 1.9 hash syntax
* Add a few Rails 3.1 tests
## 0.7.2
* Fix handling of params and cookies with nested access
* Add CVEs for checks added in 0.7.0
## 0.7.1
* Require BaseProcessor for GemProcessor
## 0.7.0
* Allow local variable as a class name
* Add checks for vulnerabilities fixed in Rails 2.3.14 and 3.0.10
* Check for default routes in Rails 3 apps
* Look in Gemfile or Gemfile.lock for Rails version
## 0.6.1
* Fix XSS check for cookies as parameters in output
* Don't bother calling super in CheckSessionSettings
* Add escape_once as a safe method
* Accept '\Z' or '\z' in model validations
## 0.6.0
* Tests are in place and fully functional
* Hide errors by default in HTML output
* Warn if routes.rb cannot be found
* Narrow methods assumed to be file access
* Increase confidence for methods known to not escape output
* Fixes to output processing for Erubis
* Fixes for Rails 3 XSS checks
* Fixes to line numbers with Erubis
* Fixes to escaped output scanning
* Update CSRF CVE-2011-0447 message to be less assertive
## 0.5.2
* Output report file name when finished
* Add initial tests for Rails 2.x
* Fix ERB line numbers when using Ruby 1.9
## 0.5.1
* Fix issue with 'has_one' => in routes
## 0.5.0
* Add support for routes like get 'x/y', :to => 'ctrlr#whatever'
* Allow empty blocks in Rails 3 routes
* Check initializer for session settings
* Add line numbers to session setting warnings
* Add --checks option to list checks
## 0.4.1
* Fix reported line numbers when using new Erubis parser
(Mostly affects Rails 3 apps)
## 0.4.0
* Handle Rails XSS protection properly
* More detection options for rails_xss
* Add --escape-html option
## 0.3.2
* Autodetect Rails 3 applications
* Turn on auto-escaping for Rails 3 apps
* Check Model.create() for mass assignment
## 0.3.1
* Always output a line number in tabbed output format
* Restrict characters in category name in tabbed output format to
word characters and spaces, for Hudson/Jenkins plugin
## 0.3.0
* Check for SQL injection in calls using constantize()
* Check for SQL injection in calls to count_by_sql()
## 0.2.2
* Fix version_between? when no Rails version is specified
## 0.2.1
* Add code snippet to tab output messages
## 0.2.0
* Add check for mail_to vulnerability - CVE-2011-0446
* Add check for CSRF weakness - CVE-2011-0447
## 0.1.1
* Be more permissive with ActiveSupport version
## 0.1.0
* Check link_to for XSS (because arguments are not escaped)
* Process layouts better (although not perfectly yet)
* Load custom Haml filters if they are in lib/
* Tab separated output via .tabs output extension
* Switch to normal versioning scheme