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* Autodetect Rails 3 applications
## 0.3.1
* Always output a line number in tabbed output format
* Restrict characters in category name in tabbed output format to
word characters and spaces, for Hudson/Jenkins plugin
## 0.3.0
* Check for SQL injection in calls using constantize()
* Check for SQL injection in calls to count_by_sql()
## 0.2.2
* Fix version_between? when no Rails version is specified
## 0.2.1
* Add code snippet to tab output messages
## 0.2.0
* Add check for mail_to vulnerability - CVE-2011-0446
* Add check for CSRF weakness - CVE-2011-0447
## 0.1.1
* Be more permissive with ActiveSupport version
## 0.1.0
* Check link_to for XSS (because arguments are not escaped)
* Process layouts better (although not perfectly yet)
* Load custom Haml filters if they are in lib/
* Tab separated output via .tabs output extension
* Switch to normal versioning scheme
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