Update to use RubyParser 3.x #190

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It's only taken about a month, but I think RubyParser 3.x should fully work now.

There may also be some fixes here for things not parser related, but which came up while testing it :suspect:

added some commits Oct 30, 2012
@presidentbeef Update gemspec to latest ruby_parser stuff 79710f0
@presidentbeef Remove old RubyParser code 77a1257
@presidentbeef Deal with RP3 getting rid of body Sexps 751c170
@presidentbeef Deal with RP3 removing arglist nodes 33f4b17
@presidentbeef Add Util#make_call to deal with different arg lists 33a0f59
@presidentbeef Fix tests for RP3 arg list changes c361aad
@presidentbeef Changes for RP3 formal arg changes c175e3e
@presidentbeef Better error message when Sexp type is missing cdc8596
@presidentbeef Fix Util#make_call with `s()` as args 6d4d841
@presidentbeef Add ProcessHelper#process_all!
to process Sexps in a list and modify the list
@presidentbeef Use Util#make_call instead of Sexp.new(:call... bb03fa4
@presidentbeef Use Sexp#arglist in CheckEvaluation 21175e8
@presidentbeef Add Sexp#formal_args da72910
@presidentbeef Convert more Sexp#[] to method calls 02aefc3
@presidentbeef Update gemspec to RubyParser 3.0.1 f32d5e0
@presidentbeef Merge branch 'master' into update_ruby_parser 262dcbc
@presidentbeef Fix Sexp#body= when replacing with smaller body 524f8a9
@presidentbeef Fix remove_method in RescanTestHelper 841f915
@presidentbeef Fix add_method in RescanTestHelper 2d9244b
@presidentbeef Add Sexp#value= 9947f29
@presidentbeef Fix Rails 2 config test
and also remove RAILS_CONFIG global constant
@presidentbeef Fix horrible negligence in process_all! 1c06251
@presidentbeef Use process_all! on controller bodies 9b5fd9f
@presidentbeef OutputProcessor should be able to handle methdefs 64fa005
@presidentbeef Fix uses of process_all -> process_all!
kind of not happy about nonobvious difference between
the two methods
@presidentbeef ControllerProcessor process_all -> process_all! 300ae54
@presidentbeef ModelProcessor process_all -> process_all! 1fc5614
@presidentbeef Simplify ProcessorHelper.process_all! again a6c590f
@presidentbeef Add Sexp#first_param
@presidentbeef Fix check for Model#each and form blocks
because of RP3's treatment of block parameters
@presidentbeef Fix handling of controller blocks in Rails 3 routes
This would have been easier if someone had converted this
to use Sexp methods!!
@presidentbeef Simplify AliasProcessor#process_default 0536863
@presidentbeef Fix hash access alias processing 894e961
@presidentbeef Fix RescanTestHelper.add_method e5c8e5e
@presidentbeef ALL TESTS PASSING WITH RUBYPARSER 3 a268835
@presidentbeef Merge branch 'master' into update_ruby_parser
@presidentbeef Fix OutputProcessor test for call_with_block 02e9e55
@presidentbeef Fix OutputProcessor handling call_with_block bb3d0f3
@presidentbeef Require explicit Ruby2Ruby version 7bd3915
@presidentbeef Fix construction of fake before_filters e92528d
@presidentbeef Add Sexp#splat to list of methods for RubyParser 08cd0f5
@presidentbeef Handle empty model files 9def389
@presidentbeef Add test for dynamic action in Rails 2 routes 7b98d37
@presidentbeef Handle dynamic actions in Rails 2 routes fa57982
@presidentbeef Don't error on hash opts for attr_accessible fa9fb2f
@presidentbeef Update gemspec to ruby_parser 3.0.4 387b643
@presidentbeef Fix tests broken by more accurate line numbers
which is a good thing
@presidentbeef Probably fix mass assign disabled detection 7f145c3
@presidentbeef Merge branch 'master' into update_ruby_parser f3afc9d
@presidentbeef Allow test rescanning of different apps 129ccdf
@presidentbeef Add test for global mass assignment disable
for Rails 2
@presidentbeef Fix detection of global mass assignment disable 9f5e7b1
@presidentbeef Move more Sexp#[] calls to regular method calls 89b6714
@presidentbeef Merge branch 'master' into update_ruby_parser
@presidentbeef presidentbeef merged commit f232f9b into master Dec 4, 2012

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@presidentbeef presidentbeef deleted the update_ruby_parser branch Feb 25, 2015
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