Have fun injecting SQL into a Ruby on Rails application!
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Inject Some SQL

These are sample Rails applications for demonstrating many ways SQL can be injected in Rails.


Clone the repo:

git clone https://github.com/presidentbeef/inject-some-sql.git

Pick either Rails 3 or Rails 4. They each have their own subdirectory.

cd inject-some-sql/rails4

In the subdirectory, install dependences and set up the database:

bundle install
rake db:setup db:seed


Typical Rails start:

rails s

Open up localhost:3000 in a browser.

Reset Database

It's easy to mess up a database with SQL injection. The server does attempt to reset the database after each query, but that isn't foolproof.

To completely reset:

rake db:drop db:migrate db:seed

Inject SQL!

The site lists a whole bunch of ActiveRecord queries.

Each query has input for a single parameter (although some queries may actually have more than one). A sample injection is provided. Clicking "Run!" will run the query shown.

Adding/Modifying Queries

All queries are generated from app/models/queries.rb.


  • This is a single player game because the SQL query is stored in a global variable.


This code is made available under the MIT license.