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Helps to run the same build with different combinations of parameters
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This teamcity plugin can run builds with matrix configuration. Jenkins alternative. A matrix-build runner is useful when you want to run you build configuration with different combinations of parameters. In usual case you are creating multiple build configurations with the same steps and change specific parameters. Using this plugin you can just specify possible values for each parameter and run one build, which will trigger child builds with each possible combination of parameters. It is implementation of teamcity feature TW-3661


Build plugin from sources

  1. Clone git repository
git clone
  1. Build
mvn clean install
  1. Plugin built and ready for installation. Plugin bundle location: ./target/


  1. Download latest version of the plugin from releases tab or use built by yourself and install it
  1. Copy plugin to teamcity plugins directory
cp PATH_TO_PLUGIN_BUNDLE <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins/
  1. Restart teamcity server:
service teamcity restart

More info: Installing Additional Plugins for Teamcity


Create build configuration using parameters placeholders. For example: %hadoop.version% Go to you project Build Configuration Settings and create a new build configuration with matrix-build step. Select previously created Build Type. List parameters and their values in Build Parameters. A newline-separated list of properties with comma separated variants of value: =<value1,value2,value3>. They must be formatted in java properties style. For example:


Specify your user credentials. It's required to access server using REST Api. If you don't want to use you credentials - create new user and grant him permissions to start and stop builds. This inconvenience will be removed as soon as build user will have required permissions. At this point you have configured build.

Viewing Results

You can look at child builds list at Matrix build tab on build page. There are listed finished, running and queued builds with there parameters.


This software is licensed under the terms in the file named "LICENSE" in this directory.

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